How To Fix Duplicate Contacts On iPhone In iOS 16

Duplicates Found iOS 16 feature

Duplicates Found iOS 16 feature.

In iOS 16 you can easily fix duplicate contacts on iPhone! This thanks to a new feature in the Contacts app, that automatically detects duplicate entries and offers you the chance to quickly merge them! It’s called Duplicates Found!

How To Fix Duplicate Contacts On iPhone

how to fix duplicate contacts on iphone

  • 1. Open the Phone app and tap on the Contacts tab.
  • 2. Tap on Duplicates Found. (This section is displayed at the top of the Contacts list, right below your own card, if one ore more duplicate entries are detected.)
  • 3. Review the duplicates list and go for Merge to fix them all.
  • 4. Tap Merge Duplicates and confirm that you want to merge duplicates into a single contact card!
  • Tip: You can also merge duplicates one-by-one. Just tap an entry and you have the options to Merge or Ignore.

    how to merge duplicate contacts ios 16

    More: Sometimes you might want to have two different cards for the same contact. In this case, go for Ignore, to get rid of the Duplicates Found warning.

Fact: Previously, you could fix duplicate contacts on iPhone with the help of third-party apps, but now finding and merging duplicate contacts has become a native iOS feature.

Merge Duplicate Contacts Not Working

duplicates found not working
iOS 16 provides a Duplicates Found list but when you try to Merge them all, you get a spinning wheel and the merging process fails?

It’s not uncommon for the Duplicates Found feature to glitch out. We’re still in the early days of iOS 16 and the new functionality requires a bit more fine tuning.

Workaround: What you can do instead is merge duplicates individually. If you don’t have too many that should be an acceptable workaround. I did not encounter errors when merging duplicates one-by-one.

Have you managed to merge duplicate contacts on iPhone with iOS 16? Did you have many? Share your feedback in the comments!

TIL: Did you know that you can filter contacts by creation date? Here is how to!

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