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duplicate photos on iphone in iOS 16

How To Delete Duplicate Photos On iPhone In iOS 16

In iOS 16 you can finally delete duplicate photos on iPhone natively. This new feature is able to automatically detect duplicate images in the Photos app, group them in a distinct album and allow you to individually or group merge them….

Duplicates Found iOS 16 feature

How To Fix Duplicate Contacts On iPhone In iOS 16

In iOS 16 you can easily fix duplicate contacts on iPhone! This thanks to a new feature in the Contacts app, that automatically detects duplicate entries and offers you the chance to quickly merge them! It’s called Duplicates Found!…

Apple Music duplicate song in Playlist warning.

Apple Music Is Now Able To Prevent Duplicate Songs In Playlists

I’ve just discovered that Apple Music is finally able to recognize if a song has been previously added to a playlist and thought about sharing this with you. As soon as you attempt to add a track that’s already available in the Playlist you get a prompt that informs you about the situation. You have…

iOS 11.2 duplicate results bug in Settings search.

iOS 11.2 Settings Search Bug Displays Duplicate Results

iOS 11.2 has been released ahead of schedule to patch a nasty date bug that caused iPhone and iPad restarts. This roll out rush might be the cause of another minor glitch that found its way in one of the most popular mobile operating systems available. I’ve just noticed that the search option within the…

iphone receiving duplicate text message

How To Stop Receiving Duplicate Message Notifications On iPhone

An unpleasant glitch that notifies you twice about the arrival of the same text Message might occur on your Apple smartphone. In fact, in some cases this can’t be considered a flaw, because iOS comes with a setting that allows your iPhone to alert you twice about a SMS or iMessage. Why? Because some people…