How To Fix iPhone 11 With Green Display Discoloration After Unlocking

iPhone 11 with green discoloration on display

iPhone 11 with green discoloration on display.

We’ve recently been mailed by a couple of iPhone 11 user that complained about a strange green discoloration displaying for a couple of seconds after the device is unlocked. Although we couldn’t replicate the bug on our own iPhones, we’ve gathered some precious info from our readers, that could help everyone to temporary fix the issue.

If you research the web, there are several complaints of iPhone 11 owners that started to experience this problem after they updated to iOS 13.4.1, which could suggest that this might be a software related issue. If this is true Apple, will most likely provide a fix for this bug in an upcoming software update. iOS 13.5.5 is currently beta tested but it’s too early to tell if it contains a patch for this bug.

When Does The Green Tint Issue Show Up
To find out potential fixes we have to exactly know when the problem is triggered. As mentioned above the green tint shows up right after the iPhone is unlocked. However, it’s not happening after every unlock.
Further reports claim that they mostly experience green tint on the iPhone 11 Pro when the device runs in Dark Mode.
There are cases reported for iPhones running the Light Mode with minimum brightness settings.
Fact: The green tint disappears by itself after a couple of seconds. The iPhone user doesn’t have to do anything special, just be patient until the screen displays normally again.

What iPhones Are Affected
It seems that only relative new, Home button-less iPhone models are plagued by the green tint bug. Most cases have been reported by iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max owners. But we’ve read about similar cases on iPhone XS and iPhone X devices.

How To Prevent iPhone From Displaying With A Green Tint
Below you can find a list with a couple of tips that should help you avoid getting the green discoloration on your iPhone display, until Apple releases a permanent fix.
how to disable true tone and automatic appearance in iOS 13 1. Avoid Dark Mode
Most cases of iPhones with green shades have been reported when the built-in iOS 13 Dark theme is enabled. The simple solution would be to avoid using Dark Mode for a while. We know that the Dark Mode is extremely helpful for your eyes, but you have to eliminate the main trigger.
How To: Open Settings -> Display & Brigthness and disable the Automatic setting in the Appearance category. Also, select the Light theme as default.

2. Disable Auto-Brightness
The iOS auto-brightness feature should be also disabled, to avoid the iPhone displaying with minimum brightness. This happens when the auto-brightness is ON and you bring your device in a low-light environment.
How To: Browse for Settings -> Display & Brigthness and disable the True Tone option.

3. Restart Device
Last but not least you can attempt to shutdown your device and power it back on. A fresh boot up could clear any errors. However, this might be only a temporary fix and the iPhone could start displaying.
How To: Quickly press and release the Volume Up button, followed by the Volume Down button and then press & hold the Side button. Release it only when the Apple logo flashes on the screen. More details available here.

Have you experienced the green discoloration problem on your iPhone? Let us know more details in the comments section available below!

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