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how to fix iPhone 12 No Service issue

How To Fix iPhone 12 No Service Problem (Poor Cellular Signal)

A couple of readers have mailed us to report that the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro flagships are displaying the No Service status bar message! The problem is that this issue occurs when the new flagships are used in areas where older iPhone models did not experience cellular coverage problems….

iPhone 12 MagSafe Charging Bug

How To Fix iPhone 12 MagSafe Charging Bug In iOS 14

Is your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro device having problems when you attempt to charge it with the help of Apple’s new MagSafe charger? You’re not alone. In some cases, the iPhone 12 remains stuck displaying the MagSafe charger animation. The animation doesn’t play out fully. The charging icon isn’t displayed in the middle of…

iOS 14 Optimized Battery Charging bug

Optimized Battery Charging Not Working On iPhone? (iOS 14)

Is optimized batter charging not working on your iPhone after updating to iOS 14? You’re not the only one! We’ve recently received inquiries from at least three users that claim that the feature isn’t triggered anymore after they updated their devices to the latest iOS generation….

iOS 14 Terms and Conditions bug

How To Fix iOS 14 Update Stuck At Terms And Conditions (Bug)

iOS and iPadOS 14 have been released exactly one week ago. If you’re still having problems to update to the public release versions you might be stumbling upon a common glitch called the ‘Terms and Conditions’ bug. This issue surfaces in most cases for users that are trying to update from an iOS 14 beta…

Apple Books current issue report on System Status web page

Apple Books Current Issue On System Status Web Page (Ongoing for +28 Hours)

The Apple System Status support page confirms that there is an ongoing issue with the Apple Books service. That’s not something out of the ordinary, as Apple services can often encounter minor problems or brief downtimes. However, what’s worrying and strange in the same time, is that the current Apple Book issue hasn’t been solved…