How To Fix The App Store “Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions” Bug

App Store “Apple Media Services terms and conditions” bug.

Do you have problems updating apps or downloading new software from the App Store? If you’re prompted with the “Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions have changed” screen don’t panic! You’re not the only one. In this article I’ll provide a series of tips and fixes that will help you to resume uploading and downloading new apps and games for your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

We’ve been mailed today by a series of iOS fans complaining about the fact that they can’t bypass the above mentioned prompt and that the situation is preventing them from performing any app updates or new app downloads from the App Store. The warning screen asks the users to read and accept new Terms & Conditions for Apple’s Media Services. It provides two options: “Cancel” or “OK”. No matter what selection one chooses, the prompt pops back up whenever an update or a new download is requested.

3 Ways To Fix The “Apple Media Services Terms And Conditions” Error
how to read apple store terms of service 1. Skim & Accept Terms And Conditions
Tap OK, skim the new Terms and Conditions and accept them. If the prompt re-appears try to validate the new terms by using the following tip:
-> Tap your profile’s App Store icon available in the top-right corner of the screen.
-> Next, tap on your name and use Touch ID or Face ID to authenticate
-> Scroll all the way down and tap on “Terms of Service”. Try to validate the changes here.

how to sign out and back in to app store2. Sign Out And Back In to your Apple ID
One other possible fix you can try is to sign out and back in from your Apple ID. Remember that every iOS software update requires you to restart your iPhone or iPad for changes to take effect. Try the same trick with your Apple ID and you might manage to validate the new terms and conditions like this.
-> In the App Store, tap on your profile’s icon available in the top-right corner of the screen.
-> Tap on “Sign Out” available at the bottom of the screen.
-> Next, provide your Apple ID & Password to sign back in.
Now, go back to the Updates tab and try to update and app and see of the Apple Media Services bug has been fixed.

how to review app store payment details 3. Review iTunes Payment Settings
If none of the above works, the next option is to try and review your iTunes payment settings. In some cases, when terms and conditions are changed you might need to re-enter the security code for your payment options just to make sure that you comply. This is done as follows:
-> Tap again on your profile’s icon, available in the top-right corner of the App Store screen.
-> Tap on your name.
-> Select “Payment Information”.
-> Update the Security Code and tap “Done”.

Important: If you applied all the above tips and the problem still persists also take in consideration that the problem might be on Apple’s side of the net. In this case you can contact support or simply wait for a few hours. The bug could disappear as quick and easy as it surfaced.

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