How To Fix The App Store White Screen Issue

How to fix App Store white screen issue.

How to fix App Store white screen issue.

Do you get a blank screen when you attempt to open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad? Don’t worry you’re not the first and won’t be the last either. In this article we will take a look at a couple of common fixes for this problem! iOS users require the App Store to download new apps and games. The service is also used to update the applications that are already installed on an iPhone or iPad.

A white screen instead of the App Store home screen means that either this service isn’t available and there’s a problem at Apple’s end of the line, or there’s something wrong with your iPhone or iPad and you might have to troubleshoot. Either way we got you covered. Continue reading and apply the tips in the order that they’re presented.

5 Steps To Fix The App Store Blank Screen Problem
1. App Store Downtime
App Store resolved issue confirmation on Apple system status page First of all you have to check if there’s a general outage of the service. This can be verified on the Apple Support System Status page. The App Store is the first service available in the list. A green icon means that the service is up and running. In case of a downtime you will see either an yellow color, for problems that impact a small amount of users or a red flag that means that a more serious issue is ongoing!
Fact: If a problem is confirmed, be patient and wait for Apple to fix it. It won’t take more than a couple of hours. For example, you can check the screenshot available nearby and see that an issue with the service occurred today. Coincidence or not the problem lasted for almost 6 hours and some part of iOS users have been affected!

2. Restart App Store
If you cleared fix no. 1, it’s time to work on your device. Grab your iPhone or iPad and force close the App Store app. This is achieved by swiping-up for the App Switcher and dismissing (slide-up) the App Store card. This trick will completely close the app.
Fact: iPhone 8 or earlier and iPad owners have to double-click the Home button to open the App Switcher. Swipe-up the App store card to brutally close it!
Next, return to the Home screen and tap the App Store icon. Does the app boot up properly this time?

how to enable Mobile Data for App Store 3. Check Internet Connectivity
If you’re on Wi-Fi it might be patchy. The same goes for cellular data transfer if you’re in a location with poor coverage. Make sure that your iPhone or iPad has a working Internet connection. Else, the App Store will not load and could display a blank screen.
Fix: Swipe for the Control Center and disable Wi-Fi. Try to open App Store with cellular data. If that doesn’t work, enable the Airplane Mode from the same Control Center menu. Wait a few seconds and enable your iPhone antennas back. This will cause the Internet connections to be reset.
Tip: If you’re using cellular data to open App Store make sure that you’ve given the app permissions to use cellular traffic. This is done in Settings -> Mobile Data -> App Store.

how to power off iPhone 11 4. Force Restart iOS Device
If the Internet connection is not to blame your next option is to shutdown and power your iPhone / iPad back On, the clear out any temporary glitches.
Fix: Press & hold the Side Button and one of the Volume buttons until the “slide to power off” screen is displayed! Perform the slide and shutdown your iPhone. Wait for a couple of moments and press & hold the Side Button to turn the device back on. Wait for it to boot up, provide your Passcode and check if the App Store is loading!
Fact: iPhones with Home button will shut down if you press & hold the Sleep/Wake button!

how to sign out from Apple ID on iPhone 5. Sign Out And Back In With Apple ID
Another fix that has proven efficient in some cases is to “reboot” your Apple ID.
– Open the Settings app.
-> Tap on your Apple ID, available at the top of the screen.
-> Scroll for the bottom and select Sign Out.
-> Provide your Apple ID Password to confirm. Wait a couple of seconds and Sign back in!

Did any of the fixes help you out? Let us know in the comment section available below!

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