Tips To Disable Face ID And Passcode For Unlocking An iPhone While Wearing A Mask

Using iPhone 11 without Passcode

Using iPhone 11 without Passcode.

Although we strongly advocate for using a Passcode to protect the data on your iPhone, the COVID-19 pandemic pushes us to temporary disable it. That’s because wearing a mask and latex gloves complicates unlocking your iPhone. I’ve just returned from grocery shopping and I had to unlock my iPhone several times while on the move. It was a hassle. First, you have to wait for Face ID to fail and get the Passcode requirement screen. Then you need to type the 6-digit code and that has to happen every time you get the iPhone out of your pocket.

If you’re also frustrated by this situation I recommend you some simple but very efficient tips that I decided to apply. If you want to go soft on it, just turn off the Face ID requirement for unlocking your iPhone. This will make your iOS device to instantly prompt you for the Passcode, without having to to wait for the facial scan to fail. Next, if you want to be even more aggressive you can temporary turn off the Passcode and just swipe up for the Home screen every time you wake your device!

Before you decide to apply these radical changes you might wanna check first our trick that will help you set up an Alternative Appearance in Face ID while wearing a mask. This trick works great for some, but it’s not sufficiently reliable for me. Secondly, you should also be aware that Apple is working on the Face ID authentication inconvenience while wearing a mask. iOS 13.5 allows your iPhone to detect when you’re wearing a mask and automatically suggest Passcode input. That’s practically what we tackle in this article!

Fact: If you’re using an iPhone with Touch ID you’re in the same boat. Latex gloves prevent the fingerprint sensor from functioning properly and you have to use the Passcode.

How To Disable Face ID For Unlocking iPhone
how to disable Face ID for iPhone unlock 1. Open the Settings app.
2. Scroll for Face ID & Passcode.
3. Enter your passcode.
4. Toggle the knob next to the iPhone Unlock option towards the off position.
Tip: You might also want to temporary disable Face ID for Apple Pay. Else, you will have to wait for the facial scan to fail before you get the chance to provide the Passcode at the cash register.
Fact: Use the same steps to turn Face ID back on after you reach your office or return home and you don’t wear the mask anymore!
Important: iPhone users with a Home button need to follow the same steps to disable Touch ID for unlocking their iOS device.

How To Disable Passcode On Your iPhone
As mentioned above you can make things even more straightforward if you temporary disable the Passcode!
Important: Before you go this extreme, be aware that your data is totally exposed in case you lose your device or somebody steals it from you!
how to turn off iPhone Passcode 1. Open Settings.
2. Tap on Face ID & Passcode.
3. Enter your passcode.
4. Scroll until you reach Turn Passcode Off. Tap it!
5. Enter your Apple ID password.
6. Provide your current passcode and that’s it.
Tip: Perform the same steps to turn it back on!
Downsides: If you turn off your Passcode your Apple Pay cards will be removed and your Apple Watch won’t automatically unlock anymore! More, you won’t be able to use this passcode to reset your Apple ID password in case you forget it! After you re-enable the Passcode you will have to reconfigure Apple Pay from scratch!

How To Increase iPhone Auto-Lock Time
how to increase iPhone auto-lock time Power Tip: You can also tweak the time your iPhone remains idle before the screen auto-locks. You can choose from intervals as low as 30 seconds a maximum of 5 minutes as well as the “Never” option. This way the display of your iPhone remains on until you manually press the Side Button. Increasing the idle limit, can help you reduce the amount of unlocks needed. However, you will have to sacrifice battery lifetime!
1. Open Settings.
2. Select Display & Brightness.
3. Tap on Auto-Lock.
4. Select the desired time frame.
Tip: Opt for 5 minutes, or Never.

Are you encountering the same problems when you attempt to unlock your iPhone with a mask on? Let us know in the comment section available below!

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