How To Fix The Pink Tint Displaying On The Edges Of The iPhone X Screen

Pink tint on the edges of a faulty iPhone X screen.

Pink tint on the edges of a faulty iPhone X screen.

So, you paid over $1000 on the last generation iPhone model but its display comes with a pink tint on the edges of the screen? Don’t think that you’re the only one out there! There have been several iPhone X users that have reported this problem. Yes, it’s frustrating to know that you spent a fortune on a screen that doesn’t shine as it should. However, it’s not the end of the world because there are software and hardware tricks that you can apply in order to fix it.

You might be tempted to blame the pink tint on the OLED technology and accept it as a downside of the more energy efficient display solution embraced by Apple for the first time, during the manufacturing of the 10th anniversary iPhone. That’s not the case though. Most likely you ended up with an iPhone X that is equipped with an OLED panel that shouldn’t have passed the Quality Assurance (QA) filter.

Important: This article addresses the pink tint that’s noticeable when you look at the display from the perfect angle! Be aware that a hue shift when looking at the iPhone X display from different angles is normal and acknowledged by Apple!

large oled display sheet during manufacturing To further clarify things the OLED panels are manufactured in huge sheets which are then cut to size to fit the iPhone X screen. The closer to the edge of the sheet a display cutout is, the higher the chances of manufacturing flaws, including the appearance of the pink tint on the edges. Of course that the panels are quality tested during before being mounted on the iPhone, but if the tolerances are too high faulty OLED panels might find their ways on the App Store shelves.
Fact: That’s why some iPHone X units experience the pink hue only on an edge of the display or maximum two edges, a top or bottom and left or right!

iphone x displaying white backgroundHow To Check For Pink Tint On iPhone X Display
Display this image on your iPhone X screen. The white background will help you to easily detect any pink discoloration on the edges of your flagship!

Hardware Fix: If the pink hue showing up on the edges of the display is obvious I would suggest you to bring back your iPhone X to an Apple Store and ask for a free replacement. Normally you shouldn’t encounter any denials, but there have been cases reported when the genius bar employees refused to provide replacement units, especially for Apple customers outside of the United States. Remember that you have 14 days to return your iPhone X without any questions asked. If your outside of the free return period, you still qualify for the 1-year AppleCare warranty that covers manufacturing flaws!

3 Tips To Fix The iPhone X Pink Tint Display
If the pink hue is barely noticeable and it’s not annoying for you, use these software tricks to further diminish its presence. Here is what you have to do:
1. Disable True Tone Display
The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X are the first Apple smartphones that have been equipped with the True Tone display feature, which initially premiered on the iPad Pro. This option allows your iOS device to automatically adapt the color temperature of the display depending on the available ambient light. It seems that the pink tint on faulty iPhone X displays is amplified when True Tone display is enabled. To quickly turn it off and see if the problem improves use this True Tone 3D Touch shortcut.

2. Avoid Minimum Brightness
The pink tint on the edges of the iPhone X screen is also amplified when the display Brightness is at minimum. If you use the Auto-Brightness setting, the light intensity will go to minimum when you enter a dark room. Bring up the Control Center, manually increase Brightness and notice how the pink hue fades away.
Downside: A downside for this fix is that the battery efficiency of your iPhone X will decrease.

3. Preserve Screen
Last but not least avoid exposing your iOS device to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time and use these tips that help you preserve the iPhone X Super Retina OLED display. This will prevent the pink tint from getting more pronounced over the iPhone X lifetime!