How To Fix ‘Face ID Is Not Available’ iOS 11.2 Error Message

'Face ID Is Not Available' error prompt.

‘Face ID Is Not Available’ error prompt.

Have you recently updated your iPhone X to iOS 11.2 only to find out that Face ID isn’t working on your 4-figure Apple flagship? Don’t panic, you’re not the only one hit by this glitch. The facial recognition feature is the iPhone Ten’s revolutionary user authentication method! It mostly works as advertised and can be considered, when configured properly, more reliable and efficient than the fingerprint recognition technology that it has replaced, known as Touch ID.

Nevertheless, a “Face ID Is Not Available” prompt displayed on your iPhone X can never be comforting. If you manually changed your iPhone’s time and date, prior to updating to iOS 11.2, in order to temporarily patch the December 2 date bug, find out that Face ID doesn’t like a bad date and this could be one of the reasons why it stopped working on your device. To bring it back live, allow your iPhone X to automatically set up the correct time and date values!

Facts:1. If your Time and Date settings are untouched, and you configured and used Face ID before, try to force restart your iPhone X and see if this move can bring back the facial recognition feature. You can also attempt to reconfigure Face ID on your iPhone ‘Ten’, if the problem persists!
2. We couldn’t replicate the issue on our own iPhone X models. On top of that, Face ID on iOS 11.2 seems much more snappier!

Important: Be aware the the TrueDepth camera system components work with very small margins. Shocks on the device can alter the hardware and cause Face ID to malfunction. This is signaled with the help of the Face ID Has Been Disabled warning message!