How To Hide iPhone Home Screen Pages In iOS 14

How to hide iPhone Home Screen app pages in iOS 14

How to hide iPhone Home Screen app pages in iOS 14.

iOS 14 includes one of the biggest refresh of the iPhone Home Screen, in its entire history. The new desktop widgets, together with the App Library work hand-in-hand. They provide a better way of organizing and using your Home Screen.
Apple is aware that the iOS ecosystem has grown exponentially. It’s so large that you can find an app for almost everything. iPhone users nowadays have more apps than ever, installed on their devices.

Even if you’re organizing them in folders, you’ll still likely to end up with a couple of Home Screen pages.
In iOS 14, Apple recommends to keep the really important apps within one-tap reach, while all others can be easily accessed from the App Library.

Why Should You Hide Home Screen Pages on iPhone?

how to open iOS 14 App Library on iPhone The new App Library section is available at the end of the Home Screen pages. To access it you have to swipe-left, several times, through the whole Home Screen pagination.
Hiding pages that host apps which you rarely use, will save you a lot of time. For example, if you keep only two Home Screen app pages visible, you’ll only need to swipe-left twice to access the App Library.
Fact: In the App Library you can use the Search option to open an app. You can also use the Suggestions category which is automatically curated by iOS 14. More automatically organized app categories are: Social, Productivity, Creativity, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Utilities, Education, Entertainment and others.

How To Hide iPhone Home Screen App Pages

how to hide Home Screen app pages on iPhone 1. Long press an app icon or an empty space on the iPhone Home Screen. Hold until you enter the Home Screen Edit mode, also known as the ‘jiggle’ mode.
2. Tap, the Home Screen pagination dots, displayed in the bottom area of the screen, just above the Dock.
3. You just entered the new Edit Pages mode. Un-check the Home Screen app pages that you want to hide. Simply, tap the check mark, displayed below the app page in question.
4. Tap Done to exit the Home Screen pages editing mode.
5. Hit Done one more time to exit jiggle mode.

Fact: As soon as you start hiding pages from the Home Screen, you’re informed that the new apps that you’ll download from the App Store, will automatically be placed in the App Library!

How To Rearrange Home Screen App Pages

At the time of writing (early iOS 14 beta stages) there is no option to drag & drop app pages to rearrange their order on the iPhone Home Screen.
However, this could change in the upcoming months. iOS 14 is scheduled to be released this fall. We will update this article whenever new options become available.

What’s your approach? will you hide app pages from the iPhone’s Home Screen to get a more streamlined access to the App Library, or you prefer to continue to use your current layout and just add some widgets? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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