How To Install And Use iMessage Apps From The App Store

iMessage App Store Home Screen

iMessage App Store Home Screen.

Starting with iOS 10, Apple has taken messaging to a whole new level. Besides the special effects that you can include in a text, such as Invisible texts, the built-in Messages app can now host App Store apps that are specifically designed for the iMessage conversation system. Similar to the Apple Watch apps, regular applications are now able to include iMessage extensions. This means that along the iOS app you can also download a package that installs within Messages and provides added functionality.

Yes, the App Store apps for Messages work only with the iMessage system. This means that the receiver has to own an iPhone or another Apple device (iPad, iPod, Mac) that is capable to provide Apple ID access. Or better said, a device that can be configured for FaceTime calls. So, let’s take a look at how to install and use iMessage compatible apps from the App Store. Send your Contacts weather reports, songs, games and various other media and info along your regular texts!

How To Download & Install iMessage Apps

iMessage add media button

Step 1

Step 1: Grab your iPhone, iPad or any other FaceTime compatible device and open the Messages app.
Step 2: Tap on the right-pointing arrow, next to the input message field. This unveils additional iMessage options.
Step 3: Now, hit the App Store icon, the “A”, available on the left hand side of the message input field.
Step 4: The iMessage apps panel unveils. Hit the App Home screen icon available in the bottom-left corner of the screen (a rectangle with 4 bubbles).
Step 5: The screen with all available iMessage apps is displayed. The first icon represents the App Store shortcut. It’s a “+” with the Store label beneath it. Tap it.

imessage apps menu icon

Step 3

imessage app selection button

Step 4

imessage app store shortcut

Step 5

Step 6: The App Store for iMessage opens up. Check out the Featured apps, or browse by Categories.
Step 7: After you decide upon the software that you want to grab, tap on it’s icon and proceed as with any other App Store download. If the app is free tap GET -> INSTALL and wait for the application to be deployed on your device. Else, tap the Price Tag, acknowledge the purchase and proceed with download.

app store imessage categories view

Step 6

downloading imessage app

Step 7

automatically add imessage apps setting

Automatically Add Apps

Tip: In the iMessage App Store section you can open the Manage tab and toggle the Automatically Add Apps towards the ON position. This ensures that every time when you download a regular App Store app for your iPhone, its iMessage extension will be automatically installed in the Messages app.

How To Use iMessage Apps
opening imessage app After installing the app, return to the iMessage App Home Screen and tap on the installed app’s icon. It will open the software within Messages. Depending on the app in question you can send weather reports, play various games, send stickers, funny pictures and many other features that come with the various apps.
Fact: After selecting the app’s data that you want to send to your iOS Contact, you have to tap the blue arrow, available next to the message input field, to dispatch it.

How To Delete iMessage Apps
deleting imessage app Removing the iMessage app is done the same way with removing a regular app. Tap & hold the app’s icon until it starts to jiggle. Then press the “x” that appears in the top-left corner of the icon.
Tip: You can also delete apps from the iMessage App Store screen. Go to the Manage tab an tap on the knob that’s next to the app label that you want to erase! That’s it!
Fact: If the app has also an iOS counterpart, only the iMessage extension will be deleted. The main application remains available and accessible from your iPhone’s Home screen.