How To Remove Water From Speaker If Your iPhone Sounds Muffled

water in iphone 7 speaker port

Water in iPhone 7 Speaker port.

Although the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are advertised as being IP67 water and dust proof, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend us to use the iOS device in a wet environment. This might sound like a contradiction and you’re fully entitled to label it this way, but this is Apple’s way of sneaking out from providing warranty in case of liquid damage.

The main argument is that although the iPhone 7 devices are engineered to keep out water in case of accidental submersion or splashes, this feature can be altered by potential bumps and bruises and even normal wear. Practically, to be 100% safe you have to protect an iPhone 7 from water almost the same way as you would do it with an iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 or older model. Nevertheless, no matter how careful you are there will come a moment when your iPhone will meet liquid and liquid will meet iPhone!

Possible iPhone Inconveniences Caused By Water
iPhone 7 submerged in water If you do your best you most probably won’t experience any liquid damage if you’re an iPhone 7 owner. That’s because your iOS device will be able to handle the occasional splashes. However, you might encounter an inconvenience caused by water entering through the small holes of the speakers. This results in a muffled sound output every time when your iPhone has to play audio. No matter how watertight the design is, the speaker area remains vulnerable because the tiny orifices are needed for sound to penetrate the casing and reach our ears. Apple hasn’t reached yet the engineering level of self-closing and opening speaker vents, a technology used currently in automotive by brands like BMW. The German luxury vehicle manufacturer allows its cars to automatically open or close the radiator grill to let air in or block it from reaching the radiator.

Tip To Remove Water From iPhone Speaker
Because the iPhone 7 isn’t water resistant it doesn’t come with an eject water feature like the Apple Watch Series 2. That’s a specific tune that can be played on the latest watchOS device in order to push water out of the speaker with the help of sound-waves. This means that you have to do it manually. Here is how to:
1. Check to see if there are any water droplets noticeable in the speaker area.
2. Put your iPhone with speaker side down on a lint-free cloth and check if the water leaks out.
3. Shake and tap your device gently with speaker side down to make sure that all droplets are removed.
4. Place your iPhone in a well ventilated room and allow it to dry completely.

When ready play a sound on your device. The speaker should work at normal parameters. Do note that the same presence of water can be experienced in the microphone port and lead to degraded functionality until fully removed.

Fact: The water removal tips can be applied on all iPhone models. The success rate is maximum when it comes to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models and it slowly decreases for older generations.