How To Screenshot Your iPhone And Share The Capture In 2 Easy Steps

how to screenshot iPhone 11

How to screenshot iPhone 11.

Most of us know how to capture a screenshot on the iPhone. Depending on the model, if it comes with a Home button or not, the print-screen is done by using a combination of two buttons. The iPhone 8 and older versions have the Home button + Sleep/Wake button combo (more info here), while the iPhone X and newer up to iPhone 11 require the press of the Side Button + Volume Up button (more details here).

As soon as this command is used the current display of your iPhone is captured and saved under the form of an image in the Photos app. In most cases we perform printscreens in order to share them, either via a messaging app, or social media. To share a screenshot, the normal way, you have to open Photos browse for the capture, press the Share Sheet button and pick through which channel you want to share it Mail, Messages, Social Media, WhatsApp and so on. What if I there’s a faster way to do it? Read on to find out!

Screenshot & Share iPhone Screen In 2 Steps
long-pressing screenshot thumbnail to unveil share sheet menu 1. Find the screen that you want to share and print it with the help of the command mentioned above.
2. After the screenshot is performed, it becomes instantly available on your screen under the form of a thumbnail, in the bottom-left corner. (starting with iOS 11)
3. Long-press the thumbnail until the share sheet options are unveiled.
4. Select one of the actions that you want to perform. Share on various channels, Assign to a contact, Print, Create Watch Face run it through the Shortcuts app and much more.

Fact: This tip is really useful if you don’t plan to markup or edit your screenshot. Else, you have to press the thumbnail and perform the markup or let it sink in and open your favorite photo editing app and edit your screenshot.

Did you know that you can long-press the screenshot thumbnail for quick sharing? Let us know in the comment section available below.

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