How To Improve Time Accuracy On iPhone and Apple Watch

iphone time keeping error

iPhone Time keeping error!

Even though the most recent Apple gadgets are famous for their smartness, it can easily happen for your iPhone’s time to be off. No matter if we talk about a few minutes ahead or backwards, the situation is unacceptable, especially if we refer to the Apple Watch, who’s main and self implied feature is to display the exact time of day, whenever you flick your wrist.

Considering that we’re discussing about iOS devices that are permanently or very often connected to the Internet, iPhones, iPads or iPods can end up with an erroneous clock accuracy only if you’re not allowing them to constantly inquire and synchronize with a master time reading, available from your cellular network provider. Fortunately this issue can be solved easily, by tweaking a simple setting.

How Does The iPhone Keep Time
iphone automatic time configuration setting As most other digital devices time keeping isn’t too complicated. The iPhone’s and any other smartdevice’s important asset is the fact that they’re connected to external networks such as Wi-Fi and/or cellular ones. If allowed, they inquire and compare their own time value to a master time available on the network and adjust any variations that exceed one second.
Did You Know that you iPhone’s clock continues to tick even if your device’s battery is depleted and the gadget shuts down? That’s because the iOS clock needs a tiny amount of energy to keep running and the battery is not completely dead until a few days after the initial shut down.

Automatic iPhone Time Syncing
iphone clock accuracy testOpen the Settings app on your iOS smartphone and browse for General. Scroll to Date & Time and make sure that the Set Automatically function is toggled ON. This allows your iPhone to inquire and sync its native clock with a master time available on the network. Else, you might end up with an erroneous iPhone time reading, like the one exemplified in the nearby screenshots.
Fact: You can check is your iPhone’s clock is accurate by tapping here! You’ll be redirected to the website and be instantly informed!

Apple Watch Time Tracking
iphone and apple watch synced time keeping Your watchOS device has even more responsibility when it comes to time keeping, because that’s primarily what watches do, in the first place! The Apple Watch syncs its internal clock with the one available on the paired iPhone. Thus if your iOS device time keeping is off, the same will happen with your wrist reading.
Trick: Apple’s wearable comes with an interesting feature called Time Ahead, which allows you to intentionally tweak the time displayed on your Watch Face, to avoid late arrivals to various events!