How To Stop Apple Watch Notifications In Airplane Mode

how to stop Apple Watch notifications in Airplane Mode

How to stop Apple Watch notifications in Airplane Mode

Are you still receiving notifications when you bring your Apple Watch in Airplane Mode? You’re not the only one complaining about this issue. This strange behavior has started in iOS 13 and the functionality is maintained in iOS 14.

A watchOS 6 and watchOS 7 default setting won’t disable Bluetooth automatically on your Apple Watch, when the Airplane Mode is enbled. This maintains a connection between your wrist-worn gadget and the paired iPhone. If the companion device is set to receive notifications (not in Do Not Disturb), the alerts will continue to be forwarded to the Apple Watch.

How To Stop Notifications Apple Watch Notifications In AirPlane Mode

how to turn off bluetooth in airplane mode

  • 1. Raise your wrist and tap on the Digital Crown to bring up the available apps.
  • 2. Open Settings.
  • 3. Scroll for Bluetooth.
  • 4. Use the toggle to turn off Bluetooth.

Fact: This will cut the last tie between the Watch and iPhone and thus notifications will stop to be forwarded to your wrist.

Why No Notifications In Airplane Mode?

Enabling Airplane Mode on Apple Watch is usually an option when you want to save battery and don’t want to go as far as Power Reserve and render your watchOS device virtually unusable.
However, if the watch is running low on battery you can extend its life with Airplane Mode. This will cut all communication with the paired iPhone and thus lower the power consumption.
The other obvious reason for enabling Airplane Mode is if you’re in a flight, but in this case the iPhone would be offline too and less likely to send notifications.

How To Enable Airplane Mode

The quickest way to bring your Apple Watch offline is to swipe-up from the Watch Face you bring up the Control Center. Tap the Airplane Mode icon.
how to enable apple watch airplane mode
A small yellow airplane will be displayed at the top of the screen to confirm that your watchOS device is offline.

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