How To Fix iPhone 12 Yellow Screen Display Problem

iPhone 12 Yellow Screen Fix

iPhone 12 Yellow Screen Fix

Is your new iPhone 12 / 12 Pro screen displaying a yellow tint? Or better said, is your device showing a warmer color than usual, which makes your OLED panel look yellowish? You’re not the only one experiencing this. In most cases this can be fixed by tweaking Color Filters in the Settings app, as instructed below.

How To Test iPhone 12 Yellow Screen

  • 1. Disable True Tone (Settings -> Display & Brightness -> True Tone – Turn Off).
  • 2. Turn Off Dark Mode (Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Dark Mode – Disable)
  • 3. Open Settings app home page.
  • 4. Compare your new iPhone 12 with an older iPhone model that’s using the same settings. Is the iPhone 12 display more yellow?

How To Fix iPhone 12 Yellow Screen

Perform these steps to reduce the yellow tint on your iPhone 12:
how to fix iPhone 12 yellow screen

  • 1. Open the Settings app.
  • 2. Browse for Accessibility.
  • 3. Tap on Display & Text Size.
  • 4. Scroll for Color Filters.
  • 5. Enable Color Filters and tap on Color Tint.
  • 6. Move the HUE slider to reduce the yellow tone of your display.
    Tip: You can also adjust the INTENSITY to get the desired result. Hold an older iPhone nearby if you need a white screen standard.

Update (November 20)

iPhone 12 Yellow Screen Tip

Some users are able to fix this yellow tint issue by tweaking the Reduce White Point. This is also an Accessibility setting found in the same Display & Test Size menu. In fact, it’s available just below the Color Filters label.
In some cases Reduce White Point is enabled by default, forcing your iPhone to reduce the intensity of bright colors. If the setting is turned ON, you can either disable it or reduce it all the way down to 25%.
Next, use the above Color Filters trick to cool down your display a bit and things should be fixed. Is this working for you?
Thanks to Nic for posting this tip in the comments section.

Fact: In some rare cases, you might be unlucky enough to receive an new iPhone equipped with a low er grade OLED panel and applying the above fix might not be enough the reduce the yellow tint. In this case you might need to exchange your device.

iPhone 12 Yellow Screen Readers Reactions

Check out reports from other readers that blame low manufacturing standards as cause of iPhone 12 yellow screen problem:

  • Phil: “I calibrate my PC colour balance – I am a bit of a nerd. So I can tell everyone this isn’t made up. iPhone has always been a bit over saturated but I can accept that. Colour cast however is not acceptable and isn’t the same thing at all. And this isn’t warm vs cool. Yellow is another direction completely. And finally, I spotted this out of the box – never heard it was a thing before and didn’t have to put it side by side to see it, but doing so just confirmed it.”
  • John: “Just got my iPhone 12 today, set it next to my iPhone X to do the file transfers and I was shocked at the difference in screen color. I figured it was a setting so i finished the transfer and went through all the display adjustments/corrections stuff. Tried everything… the display is simply not as good as the iPhone X I have. Sigh Apple. Another reason to never buy the launch! I’ll be going to AT&T to hopefully get it resolved.”
  • Alessandro: “I called Apple Care and ‘discretely’ after 15 minutes chat, the operator confirmed that lots of cases are arising around the iPhone 12 yellow screen. He fixed me a meeting in the closest Apple Store in town and I went today. At first they have recognized the problem and after several trials they decided to exchange my iPhone. Those on display were perfect and I felt really happy and relieved only until discovering that the new one they gave me had the very same problem!
    Went back there to show them and they did pretend it was all perfect. I started to get a bit nervous and I claimed they were making fun of me. After 15 minutes discussion he said he could see the difference but did not know what to do…”

Debate: We’ve found some theories on popular discussion forums, like MacRumors, which claim that Apple reduces the standard of the OLED panel quality, for launch-day terminals, in order to be able to manufacture and increase stock size as much as possible. However, there is no solid proof to back this claim.

Are you experiencing the iPhone 12 yellow screen problem? Does the above fix solve the problem for you? Let us know, using the comments section available below.

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