Apple Watch As Remote Control For iPhone Camera

apple watch camera app with remote viewfinder

Apple Watch Camera app with Remote Viewfinder!

Another spectacular feature available with the Apple Watch is the one that allows you to take pictures using your wrist gadget. No, this smartwatch doesn’t come with a built-in camera! However, you can use it as a remote control for your iPhone’s rear or front facing cameras. To be able to snap photos from your wrist, you need the two gadgets connected via Bluetooth. Do remember that the recommended range between Watch and iPhone is 33 feet (around 10 meters).

This feature becomes handy when you wish to take a picture and can’t see the display of your iPhone to frame it. For example, if you’re in a crowded place and wish to photograph something from above the head level, or you need to position your iPhone in some tricky spot and don’t want to touch it before taking the picture. Use the Watch’s display and its remote viewfinder and shutter to help you out!

How To Snap a Photo Via Apple Watch
Flick your wrist and press the Digital Crown to open the apps layout screen. Tap the Camera application on watch OS. The rear Camera of your iOS device gets enabled and you can see through the eyes of your iPhone. The remote viewfinder on your smartwatch comes with a Shutter and a Timer button. Position your iPhone to frame the shot, with the help of the viewfinder displayed on your Watch. Adjust exposure by taping the important area on your smartwatch’s display, the same way as you do it when you take pictures from your iOS device. Now, tap the Shutter and the photo is taken!

Tip: You can also press the Watch’s Side button to capture a new photo!

Take Pictures With Timer
If you wish to grab a burst of photos to make sure that you catch the perfect shot, you can use the Shutter Timer. This button snaps bursts of 10 frames after a three second countdown, the same way as iOS 8 does it directly from your iPhone. The countdown is highlighted with flashes from your iPhone and audio sounds on your Apple Watch alert you when the photo snaps are triggered.
You can use the Timer feature of the Camera app if you want to take a group photo and want to avoid sprinting back to the group before starting the countdown.

Tip: Choose the best picture from a burst, by checking the 10 frames in the Photos app, on your iPhone. Go to Bursts album, tap the desired array and hit Select… in the bottom menu.

Review The Pictures
No matter what method you use take photos via your Watch, you can review them directly on your wrist by taping the thumbnail icon, available in the bottom-left corner of the remote viewfinder. The same options available with the Apple Watch photos app are found in these previews too. Swipe left and right to browse between multiple captures. Turn the Digital Crown to zoom in or out and use your finger to pan the picture. Double tap to show photo in full screen view. Tap once to hide or display the Close button!

Tip: These previews are only available when you take the images. If you leave the Camera app on your smartwatch, they become unavailable. All photos are saved and available in the Photos app on your iPhone.