How To Update iPhone To iOS 14.2 Beta (Bug Fixes & New Features)

how to update to iOS 14.2 beta

How to update to iOS 14.2 Beta

Apple has just released iOS 14.1 with 13 bug fixes, but there are still many other iOS 14 glitches that remained unaddressed. The most annoying an ‘dangerous’ issue is the bug that randomly mutes Ringer and Alerts on your iPhone. It leads to missed phone calls, late wake ups and can literally compromise your entire day.

Apparently, Apple has managed to fix it in iOS 14.2. However, this next major software update could be only released to the public in the upcoming weeks. If you can’t afford to have your incoming calls, texts and alarms randomly muted when you least expect it, we encourage you to update to the most recent iOS 14.2 beta release and patch this problem.

iOS 14.2 Public Beta Facts

iOS 14.2 Public Beta is available free of charge. Before you start the update process please perform a full iPhone and iPad backup via iTunes or iCloud. Also, be aware that the beta versions aren’t bug-free. They might lead to increased battery draining or other glitches. At the time of writing, we did test iOS 14.2 Beta 3 and its stable enough to recommend it!

How To Update To iOS 14.2 Beta

Install iOS 14 Beta Profile

how to download iOS 14 Beta Profile
1. Use Safari to enroll to the iOS 14 beta program. (direct link). Sign Up or Sign In with your Apple ID and accept Apple’s terms.
2. Scroll the ‘Guide for Public Beta’ page until you reach the ‘Get Started’ section. Tap on enroll your iOS device!
3. Scroll for the ‘Install Profile’ section and tap on Download profile.
4. Hit Allow, to permit the Profile download.
5. Tap Close and swipe-up to exit Safari.
how to install iOS 14 beta profile
6. Open Settings and browse for General, scroll for Profile and tap on the iOS 14 Beta Profile!
7. Tap Install, top-right corner of the screen. Enter your device’s Passcode. Tap Install again and do the same for the third time, when the Install option unveils from the bottom of the screen.
8. Hit Restart to reboot your iPhone and allow the changes to take effect!

Download iOS 14.2 Beta OTA

Important: Updating from iOS 14.1 or iOS 14.0.1 to iOS 14.2 Beta requires you to download iOS 14 from scratch. That’s a big 4,97 GB download! Make sure that your iPhone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi hotspot. The entire update process could take up to 1 hour, as demonstrated here!
how to download iOS 14.2 beta
9. Open the Settings and browse for General -> Software Update.
10. Tap Download and Install, on the iOS 14.2 Public Beta 3 screen. Enter your Passcode and the download starts. Be patient until it completes and the iPhone is prepared for update.

Install iOS 14.2 Beta

11. Tap Install Now, when the option becomes available.
Important: Your iPhone will become unusable from this point. The update will be verified and started. The Apple logo is displayed on the screen. Wait until the loading bars are filled up. The smartphone will reboot after the update process is completed!

iOS 14.2 Beta Update Problems?

If you encounter any problems along the way please check our detailed troubleshooting guide about how to fix iOS update stuck in various phases!
If you still need help don’t hesitate to use the comments section of this article and we will be glad to assist you.

iOS 14.2 Beta New Features

Besides fixing the iOS 14 mutes Ringers and Alerts bug, iOS 14.2 will also add some new features:

  • Shazam Control Center Toggle: allows you to quickly find out what music is playing nearby, with a quick tap in the Control Center.
    How To: Open Settings -> Control Center and add the new Shazam Music Recognition toggle to the Included Controls list.
    Shazam is now also able to recognize music from apps, like games. It’s also to inform you about what music is playing when you’re wearing your AirPods. The recognized songs display as notifications. Tap them and they will start playing in Apple Music!
  • Apple Music Suggestion in Control Center: is another new feature that displays suggestions in the Now Playing widget when no music is played.
    Fact: in iOS 14.2 is also easier to know and control the AirPlay-connected devices (Bluetooth Speakers, Apple TV) with the help of the revamped media controls.
  • People Detection: is a new feature available in the Magnifier app, starting with iOS 14.2. It allows iPhone users with vision problems to use the Camera app and find out how far away they are from other persons.

Have you update to iOS 14.2 Beta? What’s your feedback? Let us know in the comments section available below!

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