How To Wake Siri Without Using The Apple Watch’s Digital Crown

watchOS 5 Raise to Speak Siri feature.

watchOS 5 Raise to Speak Siri feature.

watchOS 5 brings a lot of new features and enhancements to your Apple Watch. We’ve already informed you about the new Walkie-Talkie feature, that allows you to connect with another smartwatch owner with the help of a push-to-talk system. In this article I’ll tackle a handy new option that involves Siri. The virtual assistant is in general faster and more reliable in the 5th watchOS generation.

Starting with watchOS 5 you can wake Siri without needing to press & hold the Digital Crown. The function is called Raise to Speak and it has been borrowed from the iPhone. You’ll surly find this gesture shortcut more convenient. It’s even more natural then using the “Hey Siri” wake up call and you’ll definitely look like James Bond!

How To Enable Raise To Speak
The feature is automatically enabled after updating to watchOS 5. However to make sure, please follow these steps:
1. Press the Digital Crown.
2. Tap on the Settings app and browse for General -> Siri.
3. Enable Raise to Speak.
Fact: In the same menu scroll all the way down and adjust how loud you want Siri to sound when it speaks to you.

how to raise to speak on apple watch How To Raise To Speak On Apple Watch
To put it simple all that you have to do is raise your arm and start speaking and your Watch will notice that you’re speaking with Siri. However, there are a few things that you have to pay attention to in order to make the experience flawless:
– raise your wrist higher then normal, to make clear that you’re not checking the time, but intending to command Siri. Ideal height should be around 20 centimeters (8 inches) or closer from to your mouth.
– the more sudden the gesture the better.
– start speaking the command directly, without using the Hey Siri phrase at the beginning.

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