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hey siri homepod priority issue

Hey Siri HomePod Priority Issues In iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16?

Are you encountering Hey Siri HomePod priority issues after updating all your devices to 16.1 software version? HomePod fails to pick up ‘Hey Siri’ commands when your iPad or iPhone are in the same room? You’re not alone!…

Hey Siri not working on iPhone

How To Fix Hey Siri Not Working On iPhone In iOS 15

Is Hey Siri not working on iPhone after updating to iOS 15? Don’t panic, it’s most likely a minor glitch that can be easily fixed. First, you should check if Siri is properly configured to listen to your voice commands and then apply a few troubleshooting steps….

What's My Update available on iPhone

How To Get ‘Hey Siri What’s My Update’ Personal Report On iPhone & Apple Watch

Apple has suggested that the ‘Hey Siri, what’s my update’ feature is HomePod exclusive. However, we noticed that the daily Personal Update is also available on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. You can ask Siri about your personal report and get detailed info about today’s weather, what’s on your calendar, travel time, upcoming reminders and…

iOS Siri logo

7 Siri Settings That Will Fine Tune Your iPhone’s Virtual Assistant

Siri was introduced to the iPhone starting with iOS 5, more exactly since October 12, 2011. Each year Apple’s virtual assistant gets more and more functions and features. Nowadays, Siri is proactive, provides search and app suggestions and can complete a lot of tasks. With each new iOS generation, the iPhone’s virtual assistant has also…

ios 11.1.1 software update

iOS 11.1.1 Released To Fix The iPhone And iPad Keyboard Autocorrect Bug

As I predicted on Saturday, when we provided a temporary fix that required a text replacement shortcut, Apple has just released iOS 11.1.1 to patch the annoying Keyboard autocorrect bug that was automatically changing any “i” typed on an iPhone and iPad to an “A” with a symbol. The Cupertino-based tech company first issued the…