iOS 11 Adds Open Tabs Scrubber To Safari Landscape View

ios 11 landscape tabs scrubber in safari

iOS 11 landscape tabs scrubber in Safari.

Another add-on that we just spotted while toying with the iOS 11 Beta version is the horizontal tabs scrubber that’s now available in Safari. All open tabs available in the stock iPhone and iPad Internet browser are one tap away if you flick your device horizontally and switch for the landscape view. The new scrubber displays in the top part of the screen, right underneath the web address bar. Simply tap on the desired tab, or swipe left or right to quickly scan all the ones that are open.

If you want to get the classic detailed view, you can still press the tabs icon available in the left corner of the bottom menu, along with the Bookmarks, Share Extensions and Back buttons. Do mind, that if you begin to browse the current tab, and scroll vertically, both address bar, tabs scrubber and bottom menu disappear and allow the tab view to expand and display more information.

safari landscape view ios 10 vs ios 11 Tip: To bring back the open tabs scrubber you have to scroll all the way down until you reach the bottom of the displayed web page or attempt to return back to the top of the tab, by performing two back-to-back swipe-down gestures.

Fact: The new iOS 11 tabs scrubber also automatically hides when you flip your iPhone back to portrait view. This new addition is a great way to switch between Safari tabs without leaving the current page.

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