iOS 16 Beta 6 Issues, Features, Bug Fixes [Live Support]

iOS 16 Beta 6

iOS 16 Beta 6

Apple has released iOS 16 Beta 6 build number 20A5349b. This release comes exactly one week after iOS 16 Developer Beta 5 and brings bug fixes and features as it continues to fine tune the new OS for the public release. Check out an extended review which also includes new and known issues.

iOS 16 Beta 6 Issues

Before updating, be aware that you might encounter some of the following bugs in this release:

  • 1. Credit cards removed from Wallet after iOS 16 Beta 6 update. | Reported by JamesV in the comments.
    Fix: Re-add card in Wallet. More details available here.
  • 2. iPhone gets very hot and lags, stuck in a mini-reboot loop. | Reported by Justin.
    Workaround: Sign Out of Apple ID (to be confirmed).
  • 3. Black box on Lock Screen, extreme battery usage, device overheats. | Reported by Loreen.
    Workaround: Sign Out of Apple ID (to be confirmed).
  • 4. Scrolling lags in Safari iPhone acting slow and overheating. | Reported by E.
    Workaround: Sign Out of Apple ID (to be confirmed).
  • 5. Merging duplicate photos causes images to be removed from Shared Albums. | Reported by jimmyhowejr on Reddit.
    Fix: -.
  • 6. Banking apps not working. This issue is here since Beta 1 and will probably remain unfixed until the iOS 16 Release Candidate version, when third-party developers will update their apps for the public release of iOS 16.
    Workaround: Use a secondary device running iOS 15.6 or earlier.
  • 7. Widgets on Lock Screen not readable if color is set to dark and wallpaper is dark too.
    Workaround: Change clock color to white or a light shade when you edit Lock Screen.
  • To be updated! (Please share any new problems that you encounter in the comments!)

iOS 16 Beta 6 Bug Fixes

The following problems have been patched in this version:

  • Unlock iPhone animation lag. (Status: Fixed!)
  • WiFi disconnecting and reconnecting after iPhone unlock. (Status: Fixed!)
  • To be updated!
  • Fact: Beta 6 build number ends with a ‘b’ (20A5349b), which means that we’re getting close to the iOS 16 Release Candidate version!

iOS 16 Beta 6 Features

These are the changes that have been spotted in Beta 6 when compared to Beta 5:

  • Battery Percentage in status bar isn’t automatically turned ON anymore when Low Power Mode is enabled on iPhone.
  • Remind Me emails remain available in Inbox after you configure them to be reminded to you later. They’re also available in the Remind Me section, under Mailboxes.
  • To be updated!
  • Fact: The Developer release notes mention only known issues and workarounds that have been mentioned in previous betas, as well as a few deprecations. You can read them here.

    Tip: For the complete list of iOS 16 features please check this guide.

iOS 16 Beta 6 Update

iOS 16 Beta 6 update

  • This release is available over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install and following the on-screen prompts to update to Beta 6.

Important: For iOS 16 Developer Beta 6 to show up in the software update screen you need to download the iOS 16 Beta Profile from Apple’s Developer platform (paid account required).

iOS 16 Beta 6 Not Available?

Are you getting the iOS 16.0 is up to date instead of the Developer Beta 6 software update? Reboot iPhone and try again!

Update: Apple has already released iOS 16 Public Beta 4 which is the identical version of Developer Beta 6!

Live Support: If you encounter any problems in iOS 16 Beta 6 don’t hesitate to ask for help in the comments. We will reply and try to help out asap.

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