Mac Restarts In Sleep Mode, After Closing Lid? (Fix!)

Mac restarts in sleep mode

Mac restarts in sleep mode.

Mac restarts in Sleep mode after macOS Ventura update? Does the MacBook reboot every time it goes to sleep? Kernel panic happens a short time after closing the lid? This issue has recently flared up during macOS 13 Public Beta 3 (Dev Beta 5) testing stage.

Mac Restarts Every Time It Goes To Sleep?

Macbookguy has reported this problem on our macOS Ventura PB 3 review page:

“Macbook pro rebooting in sleep mode with the lid closed. Anyone else having this problem in macos 13 pb 3?”

We couldn’t replicate this issue on the MacBook Air, but have found other MacBook Pro and iMac users complaining about the same bug on Reddit:

“I have an 27-inch iMac 2020, and it goes full kernel panic after a minute in Sleep mode…Then it reboots itself.”

No error popup is shown after Mac reboots and user signs in, excepting the usual invitation to restore recently opened apps that have been force closed by the reboot.

How To Fix Mac Restarts In Sleep Mode

Fortunately, a workaround has been provided by user_already_taken.

It implies disabling Mac hibernation from the Terminal app:

  • 1. Open Terminal (Finder -> Search -> Terminal, or via Spotlight).
  • 2. Type command: sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0
  • 3. Run it.
  • Important: After running this line of code in Terminal, Mac will be set to avoid deep sleep (hibernation), after a set period of time.

    Downside: If battery is low, the computer won’t hibernate to save the session and data loss can occur.

    Revert: If you reconsider, or if the Mac restart in sleep mode bug is fixed in the next software update, you can return to the original settings. In Terminal run: sudo pmset restoredefaults

    Is your Mac also restarting after you close the lid? Did the above workaround help out? Do you have a better solution? Share your feedback in the comments. Please also mention the Mac model and macOS Ventura version that you’re reporting for.

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