iOS 17 Notifications Sound Too Quiet? Low Volume? Fix?

notifications sound too low in iOS 17

Notifications sound too low in iOS 17

Notifications sound too quiet on iPhone after iOS 17 update? Volume is too low no matter how much the Ringer & Volume levels are increased? Sometimes nothing can be heard as if audio alerts aren’t working at all?

Notifications Not Working iOS 17 Issue?

This problem has been reported by Luka (iOS 17.0):

“Notifications sound not working after this update! this is terrible I can’t hear anything when one lands in!”

This unexpected behavior has been reported since the beta testing stages and we’ve highlighted it here.

Multiple reports about iOS 17 notification sound not working as expected are available on Reddit:

  • 1: “Is it just me or is the new notification sound for apps on iOS 17 just too quiet?”
  • 2: “iOS 17 notification sound is quiet.”
  • 3: “I don’t get any notification sounds for some reason. Even if the ringtone and alerts volume is all the way up.”

Fact: Apple has changed the default notification tone in iOS 17 from Tri-tone to Rebound. The new one is too quiet. It negatively affects users with hearing problems / deficiencies. Some are not able to hear the sound at all!

How To Fix Notifications Sound Too Quiet in iOS 17

Apple must have a look at this issue as numerous users have reported this unexpected behavior via the Feedback section!

In the meantime, you can try these troubleshooting options:

1. Enable At Least One Alert

notifications not working ios 17 fix
As stated in our previous coverage of this problem, it seems that notifications in iOS 17 won’t ring for an app if all three alert types are disabled.

Even if Sounds and Badges are turned On the notification won’t play unless at least one of the Lock Screen, Notification Center or Banner alerts is selected!

Tip: Until Apple reverts this change we recommend you to opt for at least one alert per app if you want to hear the notification sound!

2. Increase Media Volume

If notifications are still to quiet or not ringing at all you should check the Media Volume!

Although this shouldn’t be related a Reddit user claims that he managed to fix notification sounds too low by increasing media volume.

3. Reboot iPhone

Last but not least, you should restart your device. A fresh start could clear minor glitches that might cause notification sounds not to play in iOS 17!

Tip: Use the force restart combo!

Have you managed to fix notifications sound too low on iPhone after iOS 17 update? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments as we’ve included a link to this article in our bug report!

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