iPhone 14 Pink Screen Issue? Software Or Hardware Problem?

iphone 14 pink screen

iPhone 14 pink screen

Are you experiencing the iPhone 14 pink screen issue? Has the display partially or fully turned pink after iOS 16.1 update? You’re not sure if this is a software or a hardware problem? Here is what you can do.

iPhone 14 Pink Screen Issue

This problem has been reported by Robby:

“My screen did not turn black but pink in the bottom part!”

We couldn’t replicate this error yet, but have found a similar report on Reddit:
“iPhone 14 Pro Max pink screen” towards the bottom of the display.

How To Fix Pink Screen In iOS 16

First of all you have determine if the problem is software or hardware. The easiest way to do this is by performing a screenshot:

Side Button + Volume Up pressed simultaneously will print-screen your device. Open Photos app and check out the capture. Does the pink screen show up? If it does, it means that the issue is software-related.

Else, you’re dealing with a hardware issue and have to visit an Apple Store or a repair shop to have your screen checked out.

1. Reboot iPhone

Restart your device. A fresh boot might clean these display glitches. We recommend you to perform the force restart trick:

  • Briefly click and release Volume Up, Volume Down and press & hold the Side button until the screen turns black and the Apple logo is displayed.
  • Release and be patient until the iPhone boots? Is the screen still pink?

2. Change Wallpaper

iOS 16 has revamped the Lock Screen and brought many changes to the way wallpapers work on iPhone. However, all these changes might require a bit more fine tuning.

Try to change the wallpaper that you’re using. We’ve recently reported that the photo wallpapers are glitchy and might cause the black screen issue.

Have you managed to fix the iPhone 14 pink screen issue? In fact, we’re not sure yet if this is an iPhone 14 exclusive issue or it can happen to any iPhone model running iOS 16.

Please share your feedback in the comments and help us pinpoint this problem.

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