iPhone 8 Renders With Cases, Covers and Screen Protectors

iphone 8 black case

iPhone 8 black case. Source: Mobilefun.com

Although we’re about 3 months away from the unveiling of the 2017 iPhone, leaks and rumors have been pouring in since the start of the year. They seem to have stabilized now and most analysts and iPhone specialists are agreeing that the render uploaded nearby is the nearest design to how the 10th anniversary iOS smartphone will look like. The name is also anticipated as iPhone 8, with the potential of two more launches of the iPhone 7 S-models, that are usually due for this update cycle.

Some iPhone accessory manufacturers have taken the final design one step further and already created cases, covers and screen protectors for the all-glass iOS device. So, if you want to see the iPhone 8 from a new angle read on, and check the uploads provided nearby. Some of the most expected upgrades include edge-to-edge OLED display with the Touch ID sensor embedded within the display, wireless charging, IP 68 water resistance, 5.8-inch display and much more.

iphone 8 full cover jet black caseiPhone 8 Cases and Covers
Accessories for the upcoming iPhone might be more important than ever, especially because of the shell of the new device that is rumored to be all-glass. However, we’re sure that there will be no shortage of cases, covers and screen protectors. Retailers such as Mobilefun.com are already providing pre-order options for an entire range of iPhone 8 protection options. They start from $10.99 for the Crystal Clear snap-on case and sell as high as $26.49 for the full cover cases.

iphone 8 temepered glass screen protector iPhone 8 Screen Protectors
Can be pre-ordered for $26.49. They provide edge-to-edge protection for the iPhone 8’s new OLED screen. Of course that the accessory is 3D Touch compatible. It comes with an anti-scratch coating and and oleophobic coating prevents fingerprint accumulation and enhances cleaning.
This iPhone 8 screen comes with shock protection and a shatterproof design. On top of that you can easily apply it without risking to create bubbles.

Fact: iPhone 8 will be powered by iOS 11. Try it out or take a look at the most important new features and changes coming with the 11th iOS generation.