Apple Watch Happy Birthday Celebration Available In watchOS 4

apple watch happy birthday feature

Apple Watch Happy Birthday feature.

A nice little feature is ready to surprise Apple Watch owners that are running watchOS 4 on their devices. The upcoming 4th generation wrist-worn operating system includes a Happy Birthday animation that is automatically triggered each year, on your date of birth. The Apple smartwatch pulls out the info from the Apple ID info available on the paired iPhone and knows when it’s the proper day to celebrate your birthday.

When the time comes your Apple Watch displays a Happy Birthday card, followed by a balloon bath animation unfolding on top of your current Watch Face! This is a similar animation with the ones introduced in iOS 10 which are triggered by certain keywords like “congratulations”, “happy birthday” and “happy new year”. Another way of sending Messages with animations is via the Send with Effect feature also introduced along iOS 10 and enhanced in iOS 11 with the Spotlight and Echo full-screen iMessage effects.

How To Edit Date of Birth
watchos 4 happy birthday balloons animation If you’re not sure if you provided the correct birthrate while setting up your Apple ID you can easily check it out and edit it if needed:
1. Tap Settings available on the Home screen of your iPhone
2. Tap your Apple ID available right a the top of the Settings screen.
3. Tap the Name, Phone Numbers, Email label displayed at the top of the Apple ID screen.
4. Check the Date of Birth field.
5. Tap it if you need to edit and provide your correct details.

Fact: At the time of writing, watchOS 4 is still in its early beta testing phases, so changes to this feature might occur. Stay tuned for more updates and new features!