Downgrade iOS 16.3 To 16.2 Or Even iOS 15 On iPhone & iPad

downgrade iOS 16.3 to 16.2

Downgrade iOS 16.3 to 16.2

Aiming to downgrade iOS 16.3 to 16.2 or any other signed 16.x version? You can even revert as far back as iOS 15.6! You only need a computer, Mac or Windows and a Lightning to USB (USB-C) cable!

Why to Downgrade iOS 16.3 to 16.2?

Of course that at the time of writing, we’re talking about downgrading iOS 16.3 beta to 16.2 or 16.1.2. The public release of 16.3 is only due in 2023!

Beta 1 has been released a few days ago and we don’t expect the next beta sooner than January 2023. This means that you will have to stick with an early beta for up to 3 weeks.

If you’re not happy with the early iOS 16.3 performance and are using one of your main devices you might consider downgrading to the most recent public release!

How To Downgrade iOS 16.3 to 16.2

Besides a computer and the connection cable you also need the iOS 16.2 ipsw file, downloaded on your Mac or Windows device.

You can grab it from tracking websites like (direct link). Select your iPhone or iPad model and download the firmware file that’s most recent and still signed!

Guide: Now, you’re ready to revert! Use this step-by-step tutorial. It’s showcasing the iOS 16.2 beta to 16.1 downgrade. Steps are identical for iOS 16.3 beta to 16.2!

Tip: At the time of writing, iOS 16.1.2 is still signed. Which means that you can downgrade iOS 16.3 beta to 16.1.2 also!

Downgrade iOS 16.3 to 15

downgrade ios 16.3 to 15.6
If you aren’t happy with any of the 16.x available versions you can revert as far back as iOS 15.6 RC! It’s a stable iOS 15 version that provides good battery life and a low amount of bugs!

How to: To downgrade 16.3 beta to 15.6 follow this step-by-step guide. It depicts the 16.1 to 15 downgrade, but steps are identical for iOS 16.3 to 15!

Fact: Same process and downgrade options are available for iPadOS 16.3 beta!

Have you managed to downgrade iOS 16.3 on iPhone or iPad? To which iOS version did you revert? Which have been your main reasons. Do you have any questions? Share your feedback in the comments!

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