How To Check If Apple MagSafe Charger Is Genuine

MagSafe Model Number in Settings

MagSafe Model Number in Settings

Are you worried that your recently purchased MagSafe charger is not genuine? This is a legit doubt if you haven’t bought it from an Apple Store or an official retailer. Due to the fact that Apple products and accessories are premium and pricey, they are often replaced by counterfeits and you can end up charging your iPhone with and aftermarket MagSafe-like clone.

MagSafe Charger Not Working

Ever since the release of this new wireless iPhone charging method, users complained about problems while charging an iPhone 12 with MagSafe. In many cases this issue was caused by an iOS 14 bug and very rarely the MagSafe chargers have been labeled as faulty out of the box.

However, recently iPhone owners that experience problems while charging wirelessly have noticed that they were using counterfeit MagSafe chargers.

How To Tell If MagSafe Charger Is Genuine

Thankfully it’s quite easy to tell if an Apple MagSafe charger is original or not. Here are a few ways to check it:

1. Inspect The Box

MagSafe Model Number on box
If you purchase a brand new MagSafe charger you can check the box. If the accessory is new a green seal has to be found near the lid, at the top of the box.
Secondly, you can check the bottom of the box. A sticker with the Model number and Serial number has to be available
Fact: If the MagSafe charger is second-hand, you don’t have any guarantee that the content of the box haven’t been swapped. Proceed to the next option.

2. Check Markings

R-NZ marking on MagSafe charger
The Apple MagSafe charging puck has a black color R-NZ marking on the side, next to the jack. If you can’t find it, chances the the product is fake increase.
I’m not sure if the marking can erase in time because of usual wear and tear. However, proceed to the final step to make sure that the Apple MagSafe charger is genuine.

3. Check Model Number In iPhone Settings

how to check if MagSafe charger is genuine

  • Connect your iPhone to the MagSafe charger and plug the accessory into a power outlet.
  • Unlock iPhone and open Settings.
  • Browse for General -> About.
  • Scroll all the way to Apple MagSafe Charger.
    Fact: If the iPhone is charging and you can’t the Apple MagSafe Charger option in Settings it means that the accessory that your using is a counterfeit copy!
  • Review Model Number (A2140), Serial Number and Firmware Version.

Apple MagSafe Charger Unboxing

Here is how to charger your iPhone with an Apple MagSafe charger for the first time. See what’s in the box and how to check that the accessory is genuine or not:

Is your Apple MagSafe Charger genuine? Have you ever bought a counterfeit Apple product without knowing it? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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