iOS 16.1 Beta 4 Issues, Features, Bugs Fixed, Problems

ios 16.1 beta 4

iOS 16.1 beta 4

Apple has released iOS 16.1 beta 4 build number 20B5064c. This version continues to fine tune iOS 16.1 for the public release, expected this month. Check out the common issues, new features, bugs fixed, problems, errors and more!

iOS 16.1 Beta 4 Issues

Check out problems reported for this version, before you decide to update:

  • 1. Volume controls not working when listening to Voicemail. Reported by Two-Substantial
  • 2. Haptics stop working randomly.
    Temporary Fix: Lock and unlock device!
  • 3. Games stuttering on iPhone 14 Pro. A bug that hasn’t been fixed yet since the first iOS 16 version.
  • 4. To be updated! (Contribute in the comments)
  • Fact: More known issues are mentioned by Apple in the Developer Beta 4 release notes.

    Tip: If you already updated and you don’t find Beta 4 stable enough for your device, you can downgrade to the most recent public iOS 16 version as shown here.

iOS 16.1 Beta 4 Features

Changes spotted in this release, when compared to Beta 3, are listed here.

  • 1. Dynamic Island grey border when using dark wallpapers on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max
  • 2. Adaptive Transparency removed for AirPods Pro 1 and AirPods Max. (this was advertised as an AirPods Pro 2 exclusive feature, but was showing references for other AirPods too, in the previous beta)
  • 3. To be updated! (Contribute in the comments)
  • Tip: If you want to find out more features and changes coming in iOS 16.1 when compared to iOS 16.0.2 you can check our reviews of beta 1, beta 2 and beta 3.

iOS 16.1 Beta 4 Bugs Fixed

Issues patched in this version are listed below:

  • 1. Shortcuts triggering shortcuts functionality has been fixed!
  • 2. Get Current Focus action not longer crashes Shortcuts app. Confirmed by iBanks3
  • 3. Reachability not working seems to have been fixed.
  • 4. Stage manager working smoother on iPar Pro. Confirmed by appgeek98
  • 5. Finish Setting up mobile service notification in Settings has been removed.
  • 6. Music player wobbly on Lock Screen has been fixed
  • 7. To be updated! (Contribute in the comments)

iOS 16.1 Beta 4 Download

iOS 16.1 beta 4 download
This update is available, over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update as long as your iPhone is running a previous iOS 16.1 beta and the iOS 16 Configuration Profile hasn’t been removed in the meantime.

Else, you have to download and install the iOS 16 Beta Profile (developer or public), restart iPhone and look for a Software Update again.

How to: iOS 16 Configuration Profiles are available on the Apple Beta Software Program website. Here is a step-by-step guide about how to enroll your device!

Update: Public Beta 4 is also available now!

Have you installed iOS 16.1 beta 4 on your device? Did you spot any changes not mentioned in this article? What about bug fixes or new issues? hare your feedback in the comments!

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