Notch Remover App For iPhone X Approved By The App Store

iPhone x notch remover screenshots

iPhone X Notch Remover screenshots.

Surprisingly, a controversial app that allows iPhone X users to hide the notch that hosts the TrueDepth camera system, at the top of the display, has been approved by Apple and is now available for purchase, in the App Store. Although the Cupertino-based tech giant strongly encourages app developers to update and create new apps and games that embrace the iPhone X’s notch, it seems that an exception has been made from the following iPhone X developer guidelines: "Don't mask or call special attention to key display features. Don't attempt to hide the device's rounded corners, sensor housing, or indicator for accessing the Home screen by placing black bars at the top and bottom of the screen."

What the app practically does is add a black bar at the top of selected images. These pictures can then be assigned by the user as iPhone X wallpapers. This way the top cutout becomes unnoticeable and the two ‘ears’ are bypassed. At the base of this app is the trick that we provided, a week ago, when we’ve shown you how to hide the notch from the iPhone X Home and Lock screen. The app in question is called Notch Remover and currently retails for $0.99. It’s developed by Axiem System a respected iPhone and iPad app developing company that’s popular for PhotoEditor a professional photo editing app!

How To Hide The iPhone X Notch
1. Download Notch Remover on the 10th anniversary iPhone.
Tip: Here is how to use Face ID to validate App Store purchases.
2. Open Notch Remover.
3. Select an image from the Photos app that you want to use as wallpaper.
4. Process it with Notch Remover and assign it as a new wallpaper.

Fact: After using the iPhone X for more than one week, I can certainly confirm that the notch isn’t even noticeable anymore. My colleagues have also easily accustomed to it. More, the Notch Remover app will only help you conceal the cutout for the Home and Lock screen views. All other apps will slowly embrace the notch and it will only make your Home screen look out of sorts when displaying it without the ‘ears’. Until a few months ago we all wished for bezels to be removed, now you’re willing to pay $1 buck to edit a huge black bezel at the top of your iPhone X? What are your thoughts?