iPhone Not Connecting To Car USB After Update To iOS 15.2?

iPhone not connecting to Car USB

iPhone not connecting to Car USB

Is your iPhone not connecting to car USB after iOS 15.2 update? The connection works partially as iPhone charges via the USB port. However, the car is not able to play music via the wired iPhone connection!

iPhone Not Connecting To Car USB

This issue has been reported by Maria K. in the comments section of our iOS 15.3 beta review page:

“I have a 2013 Chevrolet Cruze. Since day 1 I have been plugging my phone into the USB port, it connects and plays my music. After the 15.2 update it no longer connects to my car. The USB port still charges my phone but will no longer play music.”

We’ve found a similar report about CarPlay not working after iOS 15.2 update on Apple’s Discussion Forums.

Are you experiencing the same issue? Please share your it in the comments section. Mention car model and any other details that you consider important. We plan to submit feedback to Apple about this new iOS 15.2 bug.

Update (January 15): Apple has fixed the CarPlay – iPhone connection issue in the iOS 15.2.1 release! Does it work for you too? Use the comments section to confirm.

How To Fix iPhone Not Connecting To Car

Here is what you can do to try to fix this issue:

1. Restart iPhone

A reboot could filter minor glitches that could interfere with iPhone – car connectivity.

Tip: Use the force restart trick to quickly reboot your iPhone!

2. Reset Car Connection

Next, you should forget car on iPhone and also forget the device from your car’s head unit. Set them back up and check if the USB connectivity is fixed:

  • On iPhone: go for Settings -> Bluetooth -> [Car Name]. Tap the ‘i’ icon and go for Forget This Device.
  • On Car: Use your car’s menu button to unpair the vehicle from iPhone. Steps very depending on car model.

3. Change USB to Lightning Cable

If you have any other Lightning to USB cabe back at home. Try switching the cables and retrying. Does it work?

Did you manage to fix CarPlay not working in iOS 15.2? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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