How To Fix macOS Monterey Audio Cutting Out On AirPods

AirPods cutting out on MacBook

AirPods cutting out on MacBook

Are AirPods cutting out on Mac since the macOS Monterey update? Is the audio stuttering while air-playing music to Bluetooth headphones or speakers that are connected to MacBook running macOS 12.0.1? This sounds like a common bug!

macOS Monterey Audio Cutting Out Issue

This problem has been reported by dean21 in the comments section of our macOS Monterey 12.0.1 review page:

“Audio keeps cutting off on my Sony Bluetooth headphones, since updating to macos monterey!”

I’ve found similar reports on Reddit and one of the threads is mentioning a working fix.

How To Fix AirPods Cutting Out On Mac

turn off airplay receiver in macos monterey
Apparently the AirPlay Receiver is causing the audio cutting off issue.

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Click on Sharing.
  • Turn Off AirPlay Receiver. It’s available in the Services column.
  • Connect AirPods, or any other Bluetooth headphone and check if the audio stuttering has been fixed!
  • Fact: macOS Monterey includes a new AirPlay to Mac feature that might not be fine tuned enough and is causing interferences in Bluetooth connectivity with headphones and other peripherals!

Have you managed to fix AirPods cutting out in macOS Monterey? Do you have a better solution, or any other questions? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

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