Tip To Mirror Facebook For iOS To Any Smart TV Without Using A Third Party App

iphone mirroring facebook video on smart tv

iPhone mirroring Facebook video on Smart TV.

If your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 11 or newer you are able to instantly mirror the videos that you play in the Facebook app to the Smart TV available in your living-room.
This trick works with any TV set that comes with Bluetooth compatibility.
Which means that you don’t have to be an all Apple adopter to be able to stream from your iOS device to your TV.

A while ago I’ve shown you how to achieve this feat with the help of a third party apps that made mirroring from iPhone to Samsung TV and LG TV possible.
Now, we’ve uncovered that Facebook has built-in this feature for any video that you play within the iOS app! For this option to work you need both TV and smartphone to be connected to the same WiFi network!

How To Mirror Facebook Videos On Your Smart TV

how to instantly mirror facebook video to smart tv 1. First of all make sure that your iPhone or iPad runs the latest Facebook version.
2. Then open the Facebook app and play a video that’s available on your Timeline.
3. Tap the video window to open the video screen and expose the additional controls.
4. Now, use the AirPlay icon available in the top-right corner of the screen, next to the picture-in-picture button.
5. The Connect to devices menu slides up and you have to select your smart TV as playing source.


  • Wait a few seconds until the devices connect and video playback automatically starts on your TV. The first time you connect your iPhone with your TV your TV will ask you to confirm that you trust the smartphone.
  • No matter if the video in your iOS Facebook app is minimized or displayed in full-screen the media on your SmartTV will be played in full-screen.
  • Only videos from the Facebook app can be streamed to the TV. Timeline statuses and photos don’t have the mirroring option active.

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