Wait At Least 5 Hours Before Charging A Wet iPhone!

Error message when charging a wet iPhone

Error message when charging a wet iPhone.

Apple’s iPhones get more and more water resistant with each new generation. However, they are still far away from being waterproof, although the iPhone XS and XS Max have received the IP68 rating, which is the maximum available when it comes to water and dust protection for a device, they are still quite vulnerable to liquids. Apple doesn’t recommend to wear the iPhone when swimming or perform any water sports.

The iOS devices are designed to withstand accidental water splashes and submersion although tests have proven that they can safely last for up to 30 minutes submerged 2 meters underwater. Nevertheless, the iPhone’s watertight properties can be easily weakened by shocks and the usual wear and tear.

Don’t Charge A Wet iPhone!
In this article I want to underline that an iPhone can be vulnerable for up to 5 hours since it has been removed from a water or liquid submersion. According to Apple, the lightning port requires at least 300 minutes until it dries out completely, if the iPhone is placed in a ventilated environment. No matter how hard you attempt to dry the lightning port, by shacking the device and hitting it gently against the palm of your hand, don’t plug it in until at least 5 hours pass since the water incident! This will help you prevent a short-circuit or other unwanted damage. The same restriction applies for connecting your iPhone to a computer or to a wall power outlet, it makes no difference!
More: If you aren’t aware that your device was exposed to water and you plug it in while the lightning port is still wet you could receive an error message on the screen that recommends you to disconnect the Lightning accessory as described here!

Fact: Do not use a hairdryer or other tools to accelerate the drying process. Let the water droplets that you can’t wipe with a lint-free cloth, to evaporate by themselves.

Wireless Charging: Newer iPhone models can be also charged without a wire, without needing to plug-in a chord in the lightning port. In this case make sure that you wipe off the entire phone. I still recommend you to wait a couple of hours before charging even if the lightning port isn’t involved. Just to be sure!

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