iOS 12 Shortcut For Creating A QR Code With The Log-in Details Of Your WiFi Hotspot

WiFi QR code generator shortcut for iOS

WiFi QR code generator shortcut for iOS.

I have another great and helpful shortcut that I want to share with you today! If you enjoyed the extra Low Power shortcut, or the scan and search Amazon feature, here is one more that helps you to easily share your WiFi network’s credentials with friends, guests and clients that arrive at your home or workplace.

Using the powerful Shortcuts app, which Apple released along with iOS 12, your iPhone or iPad can now quickly create a QR code, that once scanned with another device, like another iPhone’s camera, automatically shares the WiFi hotspot log-in credentials, enabling others to quickly connect to your WiFi network without needing to open the Settings app, search for the specific network and insert the password. Here is what you have to do!

How To Create And Share A QR Code With Your WiFi Access Details
download and configure wifi qr code generator shortcut 1. Download the WiFi QR Code Generator from this direct iCloud link. Tap “Get Shortcut” to grab it!
2. Configure the Shortcut by entering the WiFi network’s password.
Fact: You need to be connected to the WiFi network in question while performing this step, to allow the shortcut to detect which network you want to share.
3. Tap “Done” to exit the Shortcut configuration screen.
4. Tap the WiFi QR Code Generator tab, available in the Library screen of the Shortcuts app.
5. Confirm that you want to use the shortcut, but selecting Run Shortcut in the confirmation prompt! (This prompt will be displayed only the first time you use the shortcut!)
6. Share the QR Code with anyone that you want to invite to connect to your WiFi network! They can scan it directly from your device, or you can perform a screenshot and send it via instant messaging, mail or any other digital communication channel!

Tip: You can also run this shortcut from the Shortcut’s widget available in the Today View.

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