Walkie Talkie Not Working On Apple Watch (Fix !)

walkie talkie not working on Apple Watch

Walkie Talkie not working on Apple Watch

Walkie Talkie not working on Apple Watch? Feature not showing up, stopped working or working really slow? Is the watch displaying the annoying Checking availability… message while trying to speak? Here is what you can do to fix it!

Walkie Talkie Not Showing Up On Apple Watch?

If the Walkie-Talkie app is not available in watchOS there might be two reasons:

1. Watch and/or iPhone aren’t compatible:

The minimum requirements are Apple Watch Series 1 running watchOS 5.3 or later and a paired iPhone that’s running iOS 12.4 or later! (Source: Apple)

Fact: The original Apple Watch model (the first ones ever released) aren’t the only devices not compatible with this feature!

2. FaceTime app Not Installed On iPhone

Walkie-Talkie requires FaceTime to work. A Walkie-Talkie conversation is basically a FaceTime call that’s on hold when you’re not talking.

So, if Walkie Talkie is not available on your Apple Watch make sure that you haven’t accidentally disabled or deleted the FaceTime app on iPhone.

Go for Settings -> FaceTime and make sure that the option is enabled. If you don’t get the FaceTime option the app might be deleted from your device. You can reinstall it from the App Store. (direct link)

Walkie Talkie Invite Not Working On Apple Watch?

To be able to start a Walke-Talkie session you have to invite the contact first. This is done from your wrist:
how to invite contacts to walkie-talkie

  • Click the Digital Crown to bring up the app bundle.
  • Tap on Walkie-Talkie icon.
  • Use the Add Friends option and select the contact you want to engage with.

Fact: If the chosen contact doesn’t receive your invite most likely he or she don’t have the Walkie-Talkie feature set up. They either don’t meet the hardware requirements mentioned above or don’t have FaceTime enabled on their iPhones.

Walkie Talkie Not Working On Apple Watch

how to enable tap to talk
If everything is properly set up (including Tap to Talk) and the feature still doesn’t work, you have to check if the devices are connected to the Internet. A WiFi or cellular connectivity is required.

You can try to FaceTime the person that you want to Walkie-Talkie with. If the call works, it means that FaceTime is configured correctly and the watchOS conversation feature should work too.

One other way of fixing it requires you to reboot Apple Watch and restart iPhone. This might clear any minor glitches that could prevent the devices from connecting to the Internet or initiating a Walkie-Talkie session.

Walkie Talkie Stopped Working On Apple Watch

walkie talkie checking availability
Is your watchOS device displaying a spinning wheel above the “Checking availability…” message, which takes forever to load?

In this case your device has most likely lost the connectivity to the Internet or the Walkie-Talkie feature is simply glitching out.

As explained above, a Walkie-Talkie session is a FaceTime call that’s muted when you’re not speaking. To fix it you might have to reboot Apple Watch and iPhone and restart the conversation.

Have you managed to fix Walkie Talkie issues on Apple Watch? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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