Dismiss Messages On Apple Watch Not Working In watchOS 8

Dismiss Messages not working

Dismiss Messages not working

You’re not able to dismiss messages on Apple Watch after upgrading to watchOS 8? Tapping on Dismiss triggers an unwanted reply, with a predefined message that’s suggested right below the Dismiss label?

Dismiss Messages watchOS 8 Bug

dismiss messages not working in watchos 8
This issue was reported to us in the comments section of the watchOS 8 update thread by several readers:
David T. complains:

“When I get a text message and hit the “Dismiss” button it regularly sends the reply message that is sitting directly under the “Dismiss” button! Very annoying! Never had this issue before the update to watchOS 8.”

Brad confirms:

“When reading messages and trying to hit the Dismiss button it doesn’t dismiss but sends a reply with the item under Dismiss.”

How To Fix Dismiss Messages On Apple Watch Not Working

Users affected by this issue inform that they feel that the touch matrix of the message notifications interface has been altered. Thus taps aren’t recognized with the same accuracy anymore.

I managed to replicate this issue a couple of times and here are some tips:

1. Aim For The Center

dismiss button touch matrix
Tapping the Dismiss button in the center will considerably decrease your chances of generating false touches and thus sending unwanted replies to a new message.

Fact: Every time when I could replicate this annoying issue I aimed either for the upper or lower part of the Dismiss box!

2. Click The Digital Crown

dismiss message workaround
In some cases, Dismiss might prove itself impossible to tap. If you don’t want to risk an accidental reply, that could cause confusion or even more trouble, click the Digital Crown!

It will bring you back to the current Watch Face. A red dot at the top of the screen will show that your Message notification requires attention.

Swipe-down to bring up the Notifications view. However, notification are now shown in the small format. Swipe it to the left to unveil quick actions. Tap the X and the notification is dismissed!

Are you also getting false taps when aiming to Dismiss Messages on Apple Watch in watchOS 8? Do you have a better fix? Mention your device model. Use the comments section to share your feedback!

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