3D Touch The iPhone Dial Button For Extra Call Options

iphone dial button 3d touch options

iPhone Dial button 3D Touch options.

Force Touch technology is still relatively new for iPhone owners and it often happens for us to discover new shortcuts, in buttons that we did not consider to deep press before. iOS 10 has significantly expanded the use of 3D Touch gestures and we anticipate that this year’s iOS 11 will continue the trend. Until then we’ll keep you updated with any new Force Touch option discovered by our staff.

Did you know that the Dial button, from the Phone app, can be also deep pressed to unveil two additional calling options? This 3D Touch action can easily pass undetected even among Apple power users, the same way Force Touch shortcuts for the iPhone’s Flashlight Brightness setting, Low Power Mode shortcut or the Clear All Notifications feature have surprised us all.

Tip: If you manually enter a phone number in the Phone’s app dialing pad you can 3D Touch the Dial icon instead of tapping it, to unveil the FaceTime Video and Audio Call options. Of course, that the dialed contact has to own an iPhone, with the FaceTime feature enabled, for these extra options to work.

Important: Are you aware of other hidden Force Touch commands? Drop us an email or comment down below to make us aware and help us share them with all our readers!