5 Ways To Solve iPhone 7 No Service Glitch After Disabling Airplane Mode

iPhone 7 No Service Error

iPhone 7 No Service Error.

A series of readers have reported problems with the carrier signal of their new iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus models. It seems that the issue is quite spread out as I’ve also read similar complaints on social media websites. It seems that the latest Apple flagships fail to rejoin the carrier network when Airplane Mode is turned Off. It’s not clear yet if this issue is carrier or iOS related, but we’ve put up a series of tips that should help you bring your iPhone back to normal working condition.

The “No Service” prompt, displayed instead of the carrier signal means that your phone is out of carrier coverage. However, if you’re in a known area where you usually have signal, your smartphone is surly affected by the “No Service” error! This glitch is quite old news as it occurred in the past too, for iPhone 5S owners. Fans reported that the iOS device would enter in the “No Service” out of the blue. Nevertheless, in the case of the iPhone 7, the glitch only kicks in only if the smartphone exits the Airplane Mode.

The iPhone 7 No Service Error
If you don’t use the Airplane Mode on your iOS device, the No Service error will surly not be a known issue for you. However, if you’re flying a lot or simply want to get your phone out of the carrier system and reduce your RF Exposure during the night, without shutting the device down, you must be a regular Airplane Mode user. Some iPhone 7 units might not agree with this and fail to retrieve the carrier signal when you disable the Airplane Mode.

How To Solve iPhone 7 No Service Error
Here is what to do in order to get rid of this unpleasant carrier signal absence:
1. Enable/Disable Airplane Mode – Enable and Disable Airplane Mode on your iPhone 7 again. There is a chance of your smartphone to get back to working order by forcing it to reconnect to the carrier. Every time you exit the Airplane Mode the iPhone attempts to re-connect to the nearest cellular tower.

iOS manual carrier selection 2. Manual Carrier Selection – Try to get your iPhone 7 out of the “No Service” state by opting for Manual Carrier Selection. The iOS default setting allows smartphones to automatically search and select a carrier. However, you can disable this option and manually choose a network that you want to join. This could make your iPhone search for carrier signal one more time and return to normal working state.
Tip: Visit Settings -> Carrier -> Network Selection.

3. Restart Device – If your iPhone 7 still displays the “No Service” error message after Step 1, reboot your device. You can either Force Restart it, or normally shut it down and power it back on. The carrier signal glitch should disappear when the iPhone restarts.

re-inserting iphone 7 sim card 4. Re-Insert SIM Card – If you read this paragraph it means that tips 1 and 2 did not do their job. Remove and Re-Insert the SIM card and power your iPhone back ON. Fingers crossed, this could solve it!

5. Genius Bar – Last but not least, bring your iPhone to an Apple Genius bar. Reports state that your iPhone will be instantly replaced if the “No Service” error can’t be solved.

Fact: Apple is surly looking into this issue. The problem might be caused by an iOS bug too. In this case an iOS 10 Software Update might be rolled out soon and the glitch could be patched. So, if you’re traveling or not in the vicinity of an Apple Store, be patient.