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Battery Settings greyed out on MacBook

MacBook Battery Settings Greyed Out In macOS Monterey?

Are the Battery settings greyed out on Mac? Are you trying show the battery status in the menu bar, or to change how quick the display turns off but all MacBook battery settings are grayed out in macOS Monterey?…

Apple Music lyrics grayed out

How To Fix Apple Music Lyrics Grayed Out (Not Available)

Are you trying to sing along while playing a song in Apple Music but the lyrics aren’t available? Is the lyrics icon grayed out and you’re not able to bring up the verses on the screen? There are several reasons why the wording might be missing for track in Apple Music. Let’s check them out…

Add Number grayed out in iOS 14 Phone app

How To Fix iPhone Add Number Not Working In iOS 14 Phone App

Is the iPhone Add Number feature glitching out in iOS 14? Are you trying to save a number in the Phone app but the Create New Contact / Add to Existing Contact quick action menu is grayed out and unresponsive? This minor bug has surfaced for us in iOS 14.3. Thankfully, it can be easily…

Allow Apps to Request to Track greyed out

Allow Apps To Request To Track Grayed Out In Settings (iOS 14.3)

Is ‘Allow Apps to Request to Track’ grayed out on your iPhone? Privacy Tracking is a new iOS 14 feature that allows apps to ask for tracking permissions across apps and websites owned by other companies. However, it seems that a bug or geographical restrictions make this feature unavailable….

App Store apps with grayed out GET download icons

Fix For Grayed Out GET Download Links In App Store

Are you trying to download an app from the App Store and the GET button is grayed out? Do you encounter the same problem when you attempt to download a paid app? Is the price grayed out and unresponsive to taps, preventing you from purchasing the software? This is most likely caused by a restriction…