Apple Music Crossfade Crashes Settings In iOS 17 Beta (Fix?)

Apple Music Crossfade Bug iOS 17 beta

Apple Music Crossfade Bug iOS 17 beta

Is Settings crashing on iPhone when you try to open Music menu after you enable Crossfade for Apple Music? Unable to access the Music settings menu because app crashes every time? You’re not the only one!

Crossfade Crashes Settings iOS 17 Bug

settings app crashes ios 17 crossfade bug
This issue has been reported by Miguel (iPhone 14 Pro):

“Settings app crashed when I enabled AM crossfade. I can’t open Music settings menu ever since. Settings crashes every single time. Strange enough the new crossfade feature seems to work!”

We can replicate this iOS 17 crossfade bug and it seems to be a widespread issue. As mention, although the setting becomes unaccessible, it does seem to work and it’s in fact a welcomed addition!

How To Fix Settings Crashing When Crossfade Is Turned On

Obviously, this bug has to be fixed by Apple in the next iOS 17 beta release!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any workaround that could help you to regain access to Music in Settings. Offloading and reinstalling Apple Music doesn’t fix it!

1. Reset All Settings

Update: The only way to be able to access Apple Music Settings again is by resetting all setting on your iPhone.

This will turn off Apple Music crossfade and you will be able to access the Music settings again!

Important: Be careful, if you’ll go this way, it will reset everything to factory, which means that you’ll use all your Wi-Fi connectivity, Wallet cards, etc. You won’t lose photos and other stored data though.

Credits: Thanks MusicIsMyLife for sharing this fix!

Fact: The positive thing about this bug is that the new Apple Music crossfade feature seems to work! The enable action has effects and although it’s causing Settings to crash it works as it should!

The ongoing song will slowly fade away when it’s about to end and in the same time the next track will slowly start playing!

Have you managed to stop Settings crashes when opening Apple Music menu after enabling Crossfade? Do you have a better solution? Share it in the comments!

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