iOS 17 Beta Issues, Bugs, Problems, Workarounds and Fixes

ios 17 beta issues

iOS 17 beta issues

Apple has seeded iOS 17 beta and as expected this early test version comes with its fair share of bugs, glitches and issues. We plan to track them all here along with available workarounds and fixes.

iOS 17 Beta Issues

ios 17 bugs
Below you can find the bug list along with any available fixes:

  • 1. Keyboard covers chat and typing field in Messages, Safari, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram and other apps the require text input. Reported by this Reddit user.
    Workaround: A couple of temporary fixes are available here.
  • 2. Magnifier missing from screenshot editor.
  • 3. Music playback progression bar not accurate. Reported by Reddit user.
  • 4. Cannot Create Snapshot error message when trying to play Music in CarPlay. Reported by Shleemy_Pants.
  • 5. Black vertical line when zooming a photo in the built-in Translate app. Bug reported by idol_of_roses.
  • 6. Add widget to Lock Screen not working in iOS 17 beta 1. Reported by thelastofeveryone.
    Workaround: Reboot iPhone.
  • 7. Clock disappearing when browsing thrid-party apps like TikTok, YouTube and others. Reported by fkafuu.
    Temporary Fix: Restart iPhone.
  • 8. Volume buttons not affecting sound of video playback. Reported by Double_sushi.
    Fix: Turn off Silent mode from the switch.
  • 9. Third-party apps freeze when opening. Affected apps YouTube, Google Maps, Discord, Deezer and more. Reported by _Tomme_.
  • 10. Notifications not working for some third-party apps like WhatsApp.
  • 11. AirPods case battery status missing from battery widget in iOS 17 Beta 1. Reported by FN-4051.
  • 12. Remote app not working for some users with LG TV Airplay in iOS 17 B1.
  • 13. Settings app crashes when enabling Crossfade Apple Music option.
  • 14. Start timer shortcut not working in iOS 17 beta 1.
    Workaround: Avoid setting timer in settings.
  • 15. No missed calls when Live Voicemail is enabled and the caller gets to the voicemail greeting. Reported by JoshTylerClarke.
  • 16. Unlock iPhone doesn’t work during Live Voicemail transcription. Reported by Reddit user.
    Workaround: Swipe-up to unlock and tap on the call button in the Dynamic Island to return to the full screen voicemail.
  • 17. Decline call not working when iPhone is locked.
  • 18. Swipe up to unlock displays duplicated at the top of the Lock Screen.
    swipe up to unlock duplicate ios 17 Lock Screen
  • 19. Sleep Focus turns ON randomly without any reason. This iOS 17 issue has been reported by BiteofAPPL.
  • 20. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)
  • Important: If you encounter the above issues, or others not mentioned here please mention item in the comments. We will report them to Apple and you can do the same! The more reports the more likely problems will be addressed in the upcoming versions.

iOS 17 Beta Features

This new OS is bringing lots of changes and enhancements including Contact Posters, Standby mode, Swipe to reply and many other features that we’re tracking here!

iOS 17 Beta Download

Want to test the new features yourself? You can install iOS 17 beta on an iPhone XS or later. We recommend you to use your secondary device, or third-party apps like banking apps won’t work.

How to: This is a step-by-step guide showing you how to update to iOS 17 beta!

Are you testing out iOS 17? Share your feedback in the comments and we will update your findings in the main content of the article.

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