Apple Watch Battery Health Decreasing Fast? (Share Numbers)

Apple Watch Battery Health degrading fast

Apple Watch Battery Health degrading fast

Is the Apple Watch battery decreasing fast? Design capacity has degraded significantly in a short period of time? We’ve analyzed a series of reports and got mixed data, but it seems that the Apple Watch battery aging curve is much more accentuated when compared to iPhone. Are you experiencing the same?

Apple Watch Battery Health Decreasing Fast

Vincent reported that his Series 7 Battery Health is already at 97%:

“Battery capacity down to 97% after less than 3 months. Is that normal?”

Our in-house Apple Watch 6 has reached a Battery Health level of 86% after one year and a half of usage. While the original Apple Watch isn’t able to show the Maximum Capacity, as neither do the Series 1 and 2!

Fact: Battery Health reporting has been introduced in watchOS 7 and the Series 3 is the oldest compatible Apple Watch model.

Apple Watch Battery Health Reports

This is an open list. Please use the comments section to share the Maximum Capacity reading of your Apple Watch. Do mention the exact model, as well as the device’s age, watchOS version and any other relevant info that could help us conclude if Apple Watch battery degrades fast.

We have two collections. Apple Watches with batteries that degrade too fast, and one for top performing batteries:

Maximum Capacity Decreasing Fast

Apple Watch Battery Health 85

  • Apple Watch 6 (late 2020) – 84% (Quite bad for a device that has less than 2 years of usage.) – Reported by Ian’s Tech.
  • Apple Watch 6 (late 2020) – 86% (Disappointing AW Battery Health after 18 months of usage.) – Reported by
  • Apple Watch SE (late 2020) – 88% (SE battery health degrading fast too after only 1.5 years of usage!) – Reported by Fares.
  • To be updated!

Maximum Capacity Decreasing Slow

apple watch battery health 100

  • Apple Watch SE (mid 2020) – 100% (That’s impressive, 2-year-old Special Edition battery still showing maximum capacity) – Reported by Michael.
  • Apple Watch 3 (From 2019) – 98% (Could be a calibration error. Hard to believe that an AW from 2019 can still have a such a good Battery Health.) – Reported by Tanner Miller.
  • Apple Watch 7 (November 2021) – 100% (Some Apple Watches still show maximum Battery Health after 7 months of usage!) – Reported by Mark.
  • To be updated

Fact: Some of the above results are extracted from Ian’s Tech tweet.

How To Check Apple Watch Battery Health

To see how much the AW degraded since you started using it proceed as follows:
how to check Apple Watch battery health

  • Raise your wrist and click the Digital Crown to open the app bundle.
  • Tap on Settings and scroll for Battery.
  • Go for Battery Health. Share you result in the comments!

Battery Health Not Available

If the Battery Health option is not available in Settings, make sure that your Apple Watch runs watchOS 7 or later.

Fact: As mentioned above, the Apple Watch Series 2 and older aren’t supporting watchOS 7, which means that they’re not able to share the battery degrading status.

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