Apple Watch Screen Flashing Yellow After Wrist Removal? Fix?

apple watch yellow screen issue

Apple Watch yellow screen issue.

Is your Apple Watch flashing yellow after you remove it from your wrist? The yellow flicker is random and lasts only for a brief moment? Everything else works normal? Watch is updated to the most recent watchOS 10 release? You’re not the only one affected!

Apple Watch Screen Flashing Yellow In watchOS 10?

apple watch yellow screen glitch
This issue has been reported by Maggie:

“Apple Watch screen blinks yellow occasionally when I remove the watch from my wrist. Is this normal?”

We couldn’t replicate the issue, but it’s apparently an older glitch reported ever since watchOS 9 on websites like:

  • Apple’s Discussion forums:

    “Apple watch series 8 yellow screen glitch when taking off from wrist.”

  • Reddit (1, 2 and 3):

    “Apple Watch Ultra yellow display. Hardware? Software?”

After reading numerous complaints it appears that the initial reports date since more than one year ago and most Apple Watch models are affected including Ultra, Series 9, 8, 7 and older!

How To Fix Apple Watch Yellow Flicker

Apple is aware of this glitch but hasn’t been able to provide a successful fix via software update, until now.

1. Turn Off AOD

Users have reported that the yellow flicker occurs when the Always On display setting is enabled. So, if you want to stop the yellow blinks you should go for:
Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Always On and turn the feature off.

Does it help?

2. Change Watch Face

You can also try to use a different Watch Face and see if the problem persists? Let us know if you notice any difference.

Have you managed to fix Apple Watch yellow screen issue? Do you have a better solution or other workarounds to suggest? Share your feedback in the comments!

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