Apple Watch Stuck On Checking For Update In watchOS 9?

Apple Watch stuck on checking for update

Apple Watch stuck on checking for update

Apple Watch Checking for Update stuck on your iPhone screen? Trying to update your wrist-worn device to the latest watchOS 9 version but it won’t show up in the Software Update screen? You’re not the only one!

Checking For Update Apple Watch Issue

This problem has been reported by Byron (watchOS 9.5.1):

“not able to get it. checking for update… status is stuck in the watch app!”

We did not experience the same error when updating but have found similar reports on Reddit:

“Why won’t my updates load in watchOS 9.5.”

How To Fix Apple Checking For Update Problem

There isn’t an universal solution for this unexpected behavior. These are the most common troubleshooting options:

1. Reboot Devices

First, you should restart both iPhone and Apple Watch. You can shut them down and power them back on or use the force restart combos for iPhone and AW.

2. Initiate Update From Watch

Next, you should try to check for update on Apple Watch:

  • 1. Click the Digital Crown.
  • 2. Tap Settings.
  • 3. Go for General -> Software Update.
  • Fact: Is the watchOS 9.5.1 update showing up? Or, you’re getting the Unable to Check for Update error? An error occurred while checking for a software update?

3. Check For Outage

The next option is to check Apple’s System Status page. Apple server downtimes and service outages are tracked there. If there’s a problem on Apple’s end your only option is to be patient and try again later!

4. Update your iPhone First

unable to check for update apple watch error
You might have accidentally turned on beta updates for your device and selected the watchOS 10 Developer beta. If your iPhone still runs a public iOS 16.x version you will have to update your iPhone first!

5. Unpair and Repair Apple Watch

The last option is to unpair AW from iPhone. A backup will be automatically created and saved on your iOS device. Once the Watch is fully disconnected, pair it back and let us know if the Checking for Update issue is still there!

How to: Unpairing is achieved in the My Watch app. Tap on All Watches (top-left corner). Tap the i icon, next to your watch’s name and go for Unpair Apple Watch!

Have you managed to fix Apple Watch stuck on checking for update problem? Do you have a better solution? Share it in the comments!

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