Apple Watch World Clock App Review

world clock watch face complications

World Clock Watch Face Complications.

If you’re the type of person that likes to travel a lot, has friends and relatives all over the globe, or works in a multinational company, World Clock must surly be one of your favorite Apple Watch apps. This native watch OS software displays the current time in any city that you predefine on your iPhone. More, it also provides additional details like the time zone of the chosen location, as well as the Sunrise and Sunset values for the current day.

What’s really handy is that you can add World Clock complications on your watch face. These are the small info modules, which display sneak peeks of certain apps on your wrist gadget’s background. This means that you’ll be able to check both your hour, as well as the clock in a remote city, by simply flicking your wrist.

Add World Clock To Watch Face
world clock on apple watch utility app At the moment you can bring the time of your favorite city on 6 of the 10 available Watch Faces. These are: Simple, Mickey Mouse, Color, Chronograph, Utility, and Modular. The great thing is that you can add more than one World Clock. The Modular face can accommodate up to five cities as you can see in the nearby screenshot.
Setting up the World Clock complications is really simple:
1. Tap the Digital Crown until you reach the Watch Face.
2. Press firmly on the screen to enable the face selection screen.
3. Swipe left or right for one of the six mentioned backgrounds.
4. Tap Customize and swipe left until you reach the complication’s edit screen.
5. Turn the Digital Crown until you reach the desired city from the World Clock options.
6. Press the Digital Crown to save edits and return to Watch Face.

mickey mouse watch face customization
adding world clock complication to mickey mouse
mickey mouse with world clock modules

Apple Watch World Clock Glance
apple watch world clock glance You can also check the time of your favorite city from Glances. The World Clock glance is enabled, by default, when you first pair your wrist gadget. It can be turned on or off from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. The Setting is available at My Watch -> Glances -> World Clock. From this menu you can also tweak the glance’s position, using the drag & drop button.
Display the World Clock glance on your wrist wearable, by swiping up from Watch Face and browsing for the app’s summary. It shows the time in your favorite city along with it’s location on the earth’s map.

apple watch world clock app
apple watch world clock city details

Apple Watch World Clock App
To unveil additional information about your default city or to check the time in other locations around the world, tap the glance or the World Clock complication on the Watch Face and the full app is loaded. In case you tap the glance the World Clock home screen opens up. It contains a list with time, location and time zone info about the cities that you’re tracking. Tap on a location to enter the detailed view and see the position on the map, as well as learn exact Sunrise and Sunset details. This is also the screen that opens up when you tap the city’s Watch Face complication. Hit the “<", available in the top-left corner to return to the app’s home screen and select another city.

Edit Watch Face City Abbreviations
The brief complication on the Watch Face can display only a three letter abbreviation of the city’s name. If the standard ones are not to suggestive enough you can tweak them from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Access it and browse to My Watch -> Clock -> City Abbreviations. Tap the location’s name and edit. For example, I use Abu Dhabi and the default abbreviation is “AD”. I changed it to ABU to make it more suggestive. Check the difference in the print screens provided nearby!

apple watch city abbreviations
editing world clock city abbreviation
world clock city abbreviations