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Legacy Contact on iPhone

How To Add Legacy Contact On iPhone In iOS 15

Starting with iOS 15.2 you can add iPhone Legacy Contact. This new feature allows you to select a contact that you trust, to be able to access the data on your account after you die….

Share Mac Screen In FaceTime

How To Share Mac Screen On FaceTime In macOS Monterey

In macOS Monterey you can share Mac Screen on FaceTime, with the help of the new SharePlay feature! This new option is available on MacBooks too, starting with macOS 12.1 (currently in beta), after it premiered on iPhone and iPad earlier this fall!…

WiFi Privacy Warning issue

WiFi Privacy Warning On iPhone: Encrypted DNS Traffic (Fix!)

Is your iPhone displaying a WiFi Privacy warning in iOS 15? Are you informed that the network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic? This means that other devices on the same network might track your browsing activity. This issue can be caused by a poor router configuration….

macOS Monterey not enough free space to install

How To Fix macOS Monterey Not Enough Free Space To Install

Are you trying to update to macOS 12 but you’re faced with the macOS Monterey not enough free space to install issue? This is a common problem experienced by MacBook owners with low amount of storage space. macOS 12.0.1 requires almost 40 GB of free space to deploy and install itself on a Mac!…

App Privacy Report iOS 15

How To Turn On App Privacy Report On iPhone In iOS 15

The App Privacy Report is finally here! Apple has highlighted it during WWDC21 but the feature did not make the cut in the initial iOS 15 release. It’s now available starting with iOS 15.2 and it replaces the Record App Activity option!…