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temporarily mute notifications suggestion

How To Stop Temporarily Mute Notifications On iPhone

Is your iPhone questioning you if you would like ‘to temporarily mute notifications from’ a specific app? This recommendation comes alongside a notification and is displayed on the Lock Screen. However, most of the time it doesn’t seem to make sense and the requests become annoying!…

Apple Watch 7 blank app icons issue

Apple Watch 7 Blank App Icons (Missing) For Third Party Apps

Is your brand new Apple Watch 7 displaying blank app icons for third party apps? This looks like a day one Series 7 bug that’s noticeable in the watchOS 8 app bundle. The icons from many apps are missing from the honeycomb, displaying an empty space instead….

Apple Watch 7 full keyboard

Apple Watch 7 Full Keyboard Not Available In watchOS 8

Is the Apple Watch 7 full keyboard not available on your brand new wrist-worn device? Are you trying to input text via the new stock watchOS 8 qwerty keyboard but it’s not working? Apparently, this Series 7 exclusive feature is currently country restricted!…

Notify when left behind is temporarily paused

AirPods Notify When Left Behind Is Temporarily Paused!

Did you get the Notify When Left Behind is Temporarily Paused popup for AirPods Pro? This is a new battery saving feature added in iOS 15.1 Beta 4 that kicks in when AirPods haven’t recently been connected to iPhone, iPad or Mac!…

iOS 15.1 Beta 4

iOS 15.1 Beta 4 Features, Bugs, Fixes And Improvements

Last updated on October 16th, 2021 at 04:11 amApple has released iOS 15.1 Beta 4 build number 19B5068a, exactly one week after it seeded Beta 3. This version comes with bug fixes and improvements. It should fix the serious battery draining issue that is leading to overheated iPhones that lose a full battery charge within…