Collection Of App Store Apps Updated With Support For Face ID

app store apps with support for face id

App Store apps with support for Face ID.

The iPhone X uses its revolutionary TrueDepth camera system, embedded in the front notch of the device, to authenticate the owner of the smartphone for unlocking, payment and other security functionality. Apple has also allowed third party app developers to use Face ID as primary authentication method for validating payments and various logins.

Support for the iPhone ‘Ten”s facial recognition system is provided with the help of software updates, downloadable from App Store. Below, I’ve put up a collection of iOS apps that have been upgraded with Face ID compatibility. The list is updated as new apps are updated with facial scanning integration. You might be also interested in our collection of App Store apps that have been updated to fit the iPhone X screen!

Apps Updated With Support For Face ID
1. Chase Mobile (FREE) – The mobile banking app from JP Morgan and chase has been updated with Face ID support for log-in.
2. Progressive (FREE) – This Insurance app has updated with Face ID and iPhone X compatibility.
3. 1Password (FREE) – The most popular password collector available for iPhone and iPad is now Face ID and iPhone X compatible.
4. To be updated!

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